Iowa gun distributor sends free AR-15s to North Dakota high schools

I’d like to say that I’m ready for the next report of a disgruntled employee.


We’re seen plenty of news stories over the past decade that indicate that police departments tend to assign Officer Fuckup to “school resource officer” duty. I fail to see how adding high-power firearms to the equation is even remotely responsible.


That’s a completely separate issue and generalizing. You can say the same thing about a lot of PE teachers - including the one in my high school who got decked by a student for perving on his girl friend. I’ve known several teachers from elementary school to high school who were inappropriate with students - including one fired for some sort of pedophilia thing in elementary school (Mr. Brocaw (sp). Hated boys, loved little girls.). So are we to extrapolate that to all teachers? No, of course not.

You could argue both cops and the ARs are unnecessary - and I mostly agree with that, though there are some schools where the resource officer(s) seem more of a requirement. But while I don’t see there being a necessity, I don’t see any real issue with a locked rifle accessible only to the cop (again, making those two assumptions).

But hey, maybe I am just not thinking here. I am willing to listen to the fears and what people think would be the most likely bad outcome at this.

Well like I said, cops already there with guns every day. The rifle wouldn’t be on them unless needed, thus if there is a negligent discharge, it would be their handgun.

I am not supporting arming teachers.

But we can’t afford higher salaries for teachers…


Brownell’s is actually a pretty big deal in the gun industry. It’s not just some random “Iowa gun distributor.” The CEO was President of the NRA from May 2017 - May 2018 (i.e. President of the NRA during the largest mass shooting in U.S.).

The New York Times ran a good piece on him and Brownell’s in August.

(Full disclosure: I once lived in the same small town as this asshole)


Cause that is socialism which leads to communism don’tchaknow /s

On topic there is so so so much wrong with this idea. You know what peeps. I grew up in one of the top murder capitals in the USA. Went to a high school in an area where other black folk responded to my pasty white self with “I won’t even go there”. But I NEVER felt that armed security was necessary.


That’s true. It started as a hobby in the 20s and 30s, and then he added being a supplier for gunsmiths, and expanded from there over nearly 75 years and is one of the largest distributors.

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A quick recap of North Dakota gun laws (as well as a sentimental remembering of the glory days of BBCode and the elegant simplicity of it all)

Gun Laws Overview

Permit to Purchase No No
Registration of Firearms No No
Licensing of Owners No No
Permit to Carry No No
Law Status
Castle Doctrine Enacted
No-Net Loss No Legislation
Right to Carry Confidentiality Provisions Enacted
Right to Carry in Restaurants Partial Ban
Right To Carry Laws No Permit Required
Right To Carry Reciprocity and Recognition True Reciprocity
Right to Keep & Bear Arms State Constitutional Provisions With Provisions

edit to add a quick explination of why this matters:
It’s states like ND that supply the rest of the nation with unregistered handguns and rifles and the reason places like Chicago can’t get a handle on murders committed with firearms.


Hell no!  


Adding more guns to the situation only has meant statistically higher incidents of accidental shootings and gun thefts


School votes to spend $25K on things. Company donates things instead, saving school $25K. Boingboing blames company for everything wrong in America. Yep, just another Thursday folks. Nothing to see here.

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Solution: Sell the useless dangerous things donated for stuff schools need.


The big issue is they don’t want to sell them. The District voted and chose to buy $25,000 in AR-15s to arm the officers with. Then the gun company came in and donated those firearms for free to the local Police Department.


My district has the good kind of SROs, the ones who work to diffuse and calm. In the high schools, they talk with gang members and potential gang members to keep tensions down. And they’re paid by the police department, not by the school.

The post I read was complaining about the people the guns were intended to be used by and barely mentions the Company.

Unless by “Boing Boing” you mean the commenters, which is certainly fair, but then it’s only a few talking about Browning, not the vast majority which are still talking about the Resource Officers.

Note I’m not saying you’re WRONG about the general attitude with Boing Boing and the related comments, just I see very little of what you’re complaining about in this actual post.

Roger that!

No, actually it was the police department was going to buy it, and it was donated to the police department.