Iran & North Korea: BFFs or Frenemies

It goes further than that - Russia’s actions will be seen in Pyongyang and Tehran as justification for why it is necessary for nations to have nuclear weapons and to never trade them in for security ‘guarantees’.


while i get the point of your statement i find the implicit linkage of north korea and iran as insulting to my intelligence now as it was when george w debuted his “axis of evil” construct 20 years ago. north korea is barely a nation. indeed, if it weren’t for food aid mostly shipped in from china there wouldn’t be a there there. and as for iran, yes, they’ve been under pressure from the u.s. almost from the moment they shook off the bloody dictator mohammed reza shah pahlavi. despite the pressure of sanctions and attempted invasions by then u.s. puppet saddam hussein, despite attacks on their nuclear program both in real space and cyberspace by israel supported by the u.s, despite the u.s. under trump reneging on a nuclear agreement that had been closely negotiated, still iran has managed to maintain a government that is closer to true democracy than virtually any other country in the middle east region.

even implicitly tying those countries together is to give credence to the worst absurdities of the neocon wing of the death-cult.

don’t forget 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 with 4400 dead and 32,000 wounded.


Iran and North Korea are the two nuclear threshold states that are most concern to the rest of the world as both regimes are in regional rivalries and are unsuccessful economies who have everything to gain from becoming nuclear powers.

North Korea is well experienced in nuclear blackmail and Iran definitely knows the threat of developing a bomb has at bringing the big powers to the table.

And there are deep links between both countries nuclear and ballistic missile programmes which were built in large part at the bazaar of Pakistani nuclear technology by AQ Khan who stole nuclear centrifuge designs from Europe, built the Pakistani bomb (with Chinese aid), sold the centrifuge design to Iran for the Natanz plant who then passed the design to Pyongyang in exchange for ballistic missile technologies when North Korea had extorted aid from the West for closing down its Magnox reactor and plutonium reprocessing plant at Yongbyon.


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that’s fine. i had nothing else to say beyond my original rejection of the old “axis of evil” trope which makes even less sense now than it did 20 years ago.


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