IRS presents Rudy Giuliani with bill for $549,435.26 in unpaid taxes

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I’d love to see a journalist ask MAGA members what they think of the fact that the IRS just billed Hunter Biden for that specific amount. Let them rail against the Biden family, then reveal you got the name wrong and watch then react like a cat confronted by a cucumber at Giuliani’s tax bill.

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I think I just had a schaudengasm.

(credit goes to Colbert for that coinage)


… the former mayor has spent a significant portion of his wealth, estimated to be in the range of $100 million, of a lavish lifestyle, leading to financial difficulty

Not a fan of Giuliani, but if he manages to spend “a significant portion” of $100 million on a “lavish lifestyle”, you certainly have to admire his play ethic.

If somebody handed me Giuliani’s checkbook and told me to go out and do everything I wanted to do, buy everything I wanted to buy, I wouldn’t come close to demolishing a significant portion of $100 million.

I would travel the planet like a motherfucker, I would upgrade my computers and cameras, and my ebook-buying habit would probably become even worse than it is. If I really put my mind to it, I could probably tear through five or six million. Maybe ten. But unless I started buying things I don’t actually want, like yachts and stuff, I’d struggle to match Rudy’s heroic acts of conspicuous consumption.

I don’t say this to present myself as a model of temperance and restraint, just that I simply can’t imagine wanting the things Rudy apparently wants.

Hemingway allegedly said that the difference between the rich and ordinary people was that they had more money. But if Rudy is in any way typical, it’s more than that. There’s a need to spend, to flaunt your wealth, that most people just don’t have.


Is this a common thing among Republicans? Because I hear these “IRS debt relief” ads on talk radio when flipping through/hate listening to Dan Bingobongo.


could be a form of political advertising disguised as a service. kind of like push polling: “what do you think of the horrible job biden is doing?” or some of those “abortion clincs” which are actually fronts for religious groups


What ?
Is this 1.45 million or 4.5 million?



Looks like this is his Palm Beach Penthouse, valued at $4.5M. He’s also been trying to sell his luxury apartment in Manhattan for $6.5M but hasn’t found any takers.

I wonder if he’s found a real estate agent who can help him relocate all those crates full of Transylvanian soil to wherever he ends up.


Just garnish his Cameo and The Masked Singer income.


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Good be some jail time for ol’ Rudy. You can get away with almost any crime in this country…except for not paying your taxes, e.g., Al Capone.


Jesus, dude, why do you hate yourself like that?


… it could be 4 bedrooms and 5 baths :thinking:

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