Is America a racist country? Watch Daily Show comedian hilariously Foxsplain the issue

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This is one time I think it is wrong to throw out the baby with the bathwater. I reject almost everything she says, but I am not willing to simply dismiss the possibility that Dr Fauci is a vegan leprechaun.


Leprechauns are Irish. Dr. Fauci is Italian-American. Vegan, maybe. Leprechaun, not so much. :wink:


Sure, if you believe what they say.


Obligatory, whenever Leperchauns are brought up…


Also, just in general, yeah America is racist. Duh.


I submit for your consideration that Dr. Fauci is a National Treasure. As for the rest of it, just another day in the good ole USA…


He’s not the leprechaun. He’s the freakin’ pot-o-gold.

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Makes me wonder if there is an Italian version of the leprechaun. Why are stories of the Fair Folk so prevalent in the north, but not around the Mediterranean?

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“‘Sober’ PTA meetings. Where will it end?”


She coulda said, “Anthony Fauci is a Vegan Mazzamuriello,” but we’d’ve all been looking at each other confused.


Leprechauns are American I think. Not like the sidhe or fairy folk in general. They just never featured in folk stories or local beliefs I encountered. Outside of Hollywood.

I could show you a place in every townland (village, but with no village necessarily there any more) associated with the fairies (who don’t exist but would surely fuck you up nonetheless) never one with leprechauns.


Fox newspeak seems less to make statements like “Fauci is a vegan leprechaun” and more to ask stupid questions that imply the answer is “yes”. “Is Fauci a vegan leprechaun? We’ll talk more about some alarming new information after the break.”

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How come there’s never been a white woman on the cover of Oprah’s magazine?

I had to look that one up, but holy shit is that funny.


Interesting! I learn something new every day!

When I was little, my mother made up stories about Sean the Leprechaun. He got me and my best friend and her brother into all kinds of adventures. I thought about writing them down / adding my own and did some research. If I recall, I also didn’t find a Leprechaun but I did find a fellow who resembled one. Kind of on the nasty side. I wish I could remember the name of his folk. At work, so can’t search my personal laptop for the link I’m sure I bookmarked.



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Well to be fair anyone buying the Oprah magazine is probably buying it for the Oprah-content.

Exactly why that gag is hilarious.

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CANADA gets screwed each time you do this BB. find a better link.

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