Is anyone else having issues with certain topics crashing the page?

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I get that every day at 2pm… when my internet connections gets wonky for five minutes, every damn fucking day.

But no, not now. :slight_smile:


Every day?


It’s only happening to me on that particular post.


Every day. For four years. /sigh


How annoying.

Have you talked to Jeff about it?

(I’m sure you must have already, but the mom in me has to ask.)


Oh no, this is an institutional level thing, its totally on my end.

Sorry, didn’t mean to derail your thread!


You didn’t; no worries.

Besides, it’s just me and you right now.

Not much to “derail.”


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Not crashing, but a helluva lot of "Could not load, try again"s.

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Let’s see Bernie Sanders: Trump just used your taxes to reward Carrier for offshoring American jobs

Does this topic have a lot of polls in it? There was a recent regression with polls. Hmm no don’t see any polls, or even any unsual embeds. I’m not sure.

Hasn’t been too bad for me lately although it did crash Safari on iOS for me yesterday (sorry, don’t remember which thread.) Polls were the typical culprit for crashes for me in the past.

I have no idea; because it automatically crashes the browser page before I can even see any content.

Here’s the link to that post:

What’s here is a few days old code, let me deploy latest in about 10 minutes and see if that helps.

It would not surprise me if there were some recent new issues, we have been updating our central UI framework, Ember.js, from 1.12 all the way to 2.10 (latest release) which is a big change. We’re on 2.4 at the moment, and clawing our way forward from there. The process speeds up as we get closer to latest.

We try to be as careful as we can, but there can definitely be bumps along the way.

Shit happens; I was just curious if the issue was on my end or not.


OK latest version deployed here, maybe hard-refresh your browser and see if that helps?



Soooo… better? worse? same?

No further issues since you deployed.



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