Is Anyone Watching the Vice-Presidential Debate Tonight?


We’re a half hour in. I’m not really suprised at either performance… though I do wish, again, for stronger moderation. I also wish Kaine hadn’t started talking over Pence, but by now they’re both doing it.

Generic 2016 US Election Cycle Recycling Bin

Mike Pence is trying very, very hard to be the Good Cop of the Trump campaign, saying exactly the same things Trump says but in an aw-shucks sort of way.

Tim Kaine is solid and forceful and has a dancing eyebrow. I also wish he wouldn’t talk over Pence, but Pence is talking over him, so it’s awkward.


I get enough of the election coverage here… If I seek it out I will just get more sad about the state of my country.


I grok that. I’ve had to take a few time-outs this election season already. It’s overwhelming, and yes, depressing. I’m actually a little reassured by the debate so far. Kaine has been strong on the campaign’s talking points and is coming off intelligent and well-spoken, IMHO. I’d still be a hell of a lot happier if Bernie was at the head of the ticket. But Kaine’s all right, so far.


That’s why he was brought onto the ticket, wasn’t he? Dull old white guy, unthreatening, competent, nothing radical about him. And Pence is the same, except because he’s from the GOP he’s the homophobic religious nut version.

I can’t be bothered to watch this debate, I guess there’s a point to see what the people a heartbeat (or an impeachment?) away from the presidency are like, but I just can’t summon the enthusiasm to watch those two.


I’m sitting this one out. Pence is the more evil of the pair between him and Trump, so I’ll just wait 'til Nov and hope he loses and slinks off under a rock or something.


Also, I already know who won thanks to the GOP violating the Temporal Prime Directive


There’s really nothing new to miss. I didn’t like Pence going into this; I definitely don’t like him now. I figured Kaine would probably be okay; I still think he’s okay, if not astounding.


If you want a thoughtful, nuanced debate analysis, Trump is live-tweeting the debate. It’s really something.


I appreciate the offer… but I don’t think I can handle that, especially while eating dinner. :blush:


I never thought I’d say this; You’re an evil hedgehog.


I had to stop watching. Both men are doing the very polite fuck you very much sort of squabbling where they talk over each other, constantly change the subject to politically expedient views, and lob insults back and forth. Pence is lying through his teeth and making pained, sad faces every time Kaine brings up stupid things Trump’s said. Kaine keeps bringing up Trump’s racism and tax evasion no matter what the question is. Nobody’s paying any attention to the moderator.


They need a Falcor.


But then if someone is too flagrant about breaking the rules, they’d get eaten…

Hmm… You know what, I’m on board with that.


I have a feeling Trump’s entire campaign would qualify. And then where would we find the industrial-strength antacid the poor dragon would need?



Think you could stretch that time-out a bit?


A,couple hundred years or so ought to do it…


I like how you think :wink:


Right back atcha! :grin: