Is "Directly Responsible" the new "literally"?


Or is McCain just a jackass? He said he’s directly responsible because he took troops out of Iraq which lead to ISIS being what tit is today which lead to that a-hole shooting up a gay bar. At least he apologized - although I didn’t read it or see it.

But I keep reading people say people are “directly responsible” who are 3+ levels of indirection away from being directly responsible.


I respect John McCain very much, and I honor him for his sacrifices and his service to our country, but… it’s time for him to retire.


The ‘good’ senator has really lost it completely hasn’t he.


Yes. There was a time he really was not a team player when the Rs went to the cray cray right, but then because he wanted to be president enough he just caved and started drinking the koolaid.


Wait, we’re just now realizing that McCain no longer wields the sharpest X-acto blade?


I think we all literally know the answer to this question…


You see, “literally” means “very.” “Directly responsible” means “very responsible.” For greater emphasis, you can say somebody is “literally directly responsible,” when they are vaguely connected to something you don’t like.


A great many people have said he is literally directly responsible or else he knows the people that are and is not telling us. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say-no-more.) :wink:

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