McCain says Obama is "directly responsible" for mass shooting in Orlando

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At his age, I’m just impressed that he can see well enough to split a hair that thin…


I blame Obama for McCain’s statement.

After all, if Obama weren’t President, if Romney were President, then McCain wouldn’t be blaming the President.


Is McCain angling for the VP nod from The Drumpf?


McCain is the poster child for Politicians having TERM LIMITS. Indeed.



McCain was always a devious crank. It was simply more convenient to pretend he wasn’t.


Yeah. The only problem with that is that Al Qaida in Iraq wasn’t even really a thing until Bush II invaded. And they could have been stopped cold if Bush had listened to the CIA. Obama was certainly too late in recognizing the threat the threat of ISIS, but if you’re looking for the genesis of ISIS you have to go back at least one presidential generation, and several more if you’re looking for the start of Al Qaida, which was under Reagan.


Mr. McCain is in an absolute panic over the thought of losing his job, without which he has been quoted as saying, “I would have nothing. Nothing.”

At this point, if Charles Manson’s “family” included enough potential Arizona voters McCain would be demanding their release from prison, each with a full pardon.

Quite sad.

And the alcohol certainly isn’t helping.


Wisdom of our WWII fathers regarding Trump:

“The only good Nazi…”


It like the Republicans think if they shout loud enough about “Islamic Terrorism” that people will forget all the homophobic* things they did that you could use to point to causation.

NB:“Homophobic” is not the best word for their hateful anti- LGBTQ+ policies and rhetoric, but it’s the most understood. It lends a pseudo-medical cover to their hatred that nearly excuses it. I don’t know of a word like racism or sexism that means “bigotry and hatred towards people who are not straight” though.


McCain isn’t insane, he’s gotten extraordinarily lazy. Since bending to the TEA Party shit in 2008 he’s just maintained the status quo of cranky republican, but now he doesn’t listen to anything but the first sentence of the first report given to him on any issue and forms all of his statements from that and stick to it.


He really seems to be in a mental decline, which was already going on when he ran against Obama. It’s unfortunate that someone who exhibits his level of reasoning still gets elected. As an aging person myself, I worry about going through what he is going through, but it’s not right to simply pretend it’s not happening.


McCain lost in 2008 and has continued losing ever since. He probably has just enough sense to be ashamed for dragging the Alaskan Ego into the public arena .It seems like he’s trying to distract people from that by constantly bad mouthing Obama. Here’s a tip McCain: Shut-up. Nothing you can say or do will make up for turning that empty-headed idiot loose. However you can make an even greater fool of yourself by these ignorant comments you keep making.


And how do you think McCain voted when it came time for Congress to approve Bush’s Iraq War? And how has McCain voted when gun control legislation has come up for a vote? Who’s more responsible for crazies having guns instead of psychiatric care?


Wow. He really said that? That’s kinda sad, actually. I mean, I’ve heard that retirement is an existential cliff for many people but McCain sounds like he’s staring into the abyss.

It doesn’t have to be that way, John. Redefine yourself. While you’re at it, redefine what it means, in your mind, for something to ‘matter’. Do things you enjoy for just that reason. Do things that bring you and others you treasure closer together for just that reason. Grant yourself real freedom.

My hope is that you already know this but have just forgotten. Get the hell out of Washington while you can still remember.

No, I don’t know why I’m writing something that McCain will almost certainly never, ever read.


Wait. A very old white man said something stupid.

In other news. Water is wet.


I hope he has some kind of support network. Not just for his sake. It seems like people in the US who feel like they have nothing to live for can get a little dangerous at times.


err ummm. Obama pushed the agreed upon withdrawal date forward by several months and congress negotiated the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement which included total withdrawal of troops from Iraqi territory by 31 December 2011 and signed by President George W. Bush in 2008.


Miso- is the usual prefix for hatred, as in misogyny or misanthrope. The problem is that homo- just means same (and it has a negative connotation when used as an abbreviation for homosexual). Misohomosexual is too long and people would be confused by the term since it sounds like you’re calling someone an addition to the term homosexual rather than a person who hates homosexuals. And homosexual is inaccurate since it implies that sex rather than romantic attraction is the primary difference between a straight person and a gay person. There are a lot of asexual straight and gay people so sex isn’t the important differentiator.

Bigot isn’t limited to an irrational hatred of gay people, but it’s a good general use term that would be accurate. That’s about the best I could suggest. Language is about communicating an idea as accurately as possible (usually at least - unless you’re Trump), so I’d suggest using the term that most people will understand, even if it isn’t technically the most accurate or precise. Though, sadly, there seem to be a lot of people who don’t understand exactly what a bigot is either, but you can’t be held to account for everyone’s lack of knowledge.