Is it legal to insult a cop?

Personally, I would avoid being a dick to a cop. Even if it’s 100% legal to be a dick to a cop (and it is!), you are directly encouraging them to become very interested in watching you, noticing any minor crimes you actually are committing, and giving you a ticket or arresting you, etc.

It’s best if the cops never “see” you.


Spread out! Spread out!


I’d guess most cops have this sort of binary mindset: if they perceive you as respectable and law-abiding, they act all professional and might even call you ‘sir’. But if they perceive otherwise for whatever reason (sorry, black folks), professionalism be damned along with civil rights… it’s the impunity: there’s some cognitive bias at play where somehow the ability to get away with it means it’s ethically sound to usurp civilisation and carry on like a fucking mad dog.


And being a white man, it is very easy for me to be invisible to cops. Not so much for POC.


Stupid implies inability to predict ramifications of an action. Clearly many know what happens when they taunt happy fun ball. I think it’s stupid to think that the world would be a better place if cops were never be challenged.


Rodger rodger. I’m receiving you.


I knew someone would take issue with me mentioning race, but around and around we go.

To say that the police or judges are completely color-blind when it comes to arresting and convicting people is just being deliberately blind.

Do police treat poor white trash well? No, of course not. Do they treat them better that poor back people? Lots of evidence says yes. “Driving while poor” isn’t a thing. “Driving while black” is certainly.

A poor black teenager is pretty much at the bottom of the stack when it comes to how well you’re likely to be treated by the police.

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OK, around and around we go then.

I think your perceptions, as expressed here, are a measure of your own unconscious racism. I’m not saying you’re a bad person; just that you have internalized the racism of your local cultural institutions. Constantly insisting that black skin is the worst thing that can happen to a person is racist, counter-productive, and wrong. And that’s what you just did.

But we can stop now, OK? We’ve both expressed our opinion, and nobody’s going to change their minds. Me (and the other folks here with mixed families) clearly aren’t getting through to anyone. Self-described “liberals” and “conservatives” are going to continue to tell our children that they are condemned by their skin color to a life of oppression, and I’m going to continue to periodically object to this programming. But maybe we can just let it rest here, this time? I’ve got a lot to do today.

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To call out sexism in the workplace isn’t “unconscious sexism,” and it’s similarly rude to say that calling out systematic racism by the police and other institutions is somehow “unconscious racism.” Calling me a racist and then tell me to stop discussing it is, not surprisingly, not a winning tactic to stop the discussion.

Your point has always been that you don’t want your family to believe that there is systemic oppression against minorities. That’s great and laudable, but it is entirely separate from the question of whether there is systemic racism.

The president mentioned it several times in his eulogy — notably the many famous studies about whether John or Jamal will be called back for an interview. Is the president racist for pointing out facts?

I certainly did not say that having black skin is the worst thing that can happen to someone. I pointed out, entirely correctly, that black people are singled out more by the cops. To ignore the dozens, of, studies, on, this, is, again, to be deliberately blind to the reality of it.

Now you can feel free to end the discussion if you like.



Sure it is, driving around a beat up 93 Toyota Corolla vs. a new Mercedes? Or any other new model car?

Dunno, any studies to show that police treat visibly “rich” people better by vehicle?

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[quote=“frauenfelder, post:1, topic:60780”]
The trooper hit his siren, boarded the bus, and arrested the student, who was charged with and convicted of making an obscene gesture.
[/quote] [Emphasis mine.]

That tears it. I’m shelling out for a “You just started reading about jury nullification” bumper sticker.

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Sounds like a Kickstarter to me!

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