Is that a real Wookie photobombing this group photo?


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I just patented a line of hair clips for women and another series for man-buns that shape the hair into various configurations like Wookie, Ewok, Leia and… (knock at the door, one sec, cease and desist letter arrives) err I mean Bigfoot, Fuzzy lil bear and Space Princess styles. ahem

That was quick! Did not know Boba Fet’s other son works for UPS Galactic.


The back of the head of the chewbacca mask lady?


I like that the forum is called mildlyinteresting. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this post.


Yes, that really is Sasquatch. He his the one standing behind the seated group. You know, the one with his back turned towards the camera, whose flowing hair was shopped into what looks like a Wookie-face.
Yes, it really is him.

Those are shopped Wookie-nostrils shooped onto the back of his real Sasquatch head.

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