Is there any way to turn off notifications for group PMs?

I don’t need super-special secret messages for in-group members. I’m not here to be important, I’m here to be entertained. But I just suddenly started getting notifications every five seconds about important messages that look very much like internet chit-chat. I can’t figure out how to turn them off - I tried setting the something to “muted” bot nothing changed.

If you go to your messages section, then to the “regulars” group, you can change the setting from “tracking” to “normal” if you don’t want notifications.

I can also remove you from the regulars group if you wish.

I did that. It seemed logical. It made no difference.

Yea, I spend a lot of hours boinging when I should be working, but I don’t really need a pat on the back for my regularity.

CORRECTION: I went past Normal to Muted. My little notification light still keeps lighting up.

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That might be a bug.

@discourse folks: any chance group notification settings aren’t being honoured?

change it here…

watching first post is a great option.

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I had to turn off tracking on both the group and the individual threads.


Awesome! Thanks! That’s what I did!

…and 15 minutes later, it worked. Whew!

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Please do remove me from the Regulars group.

I see no advantage to me-- only annoyance-- and it continually reminds me of the loss we have suffered. Trying to wedge Regularity back into the system via PMs and other substitutes is just tedious.

Your boss wants us to be happy, mindless consumers of the BB kool-aid, and I shall do so, but under my terms, and I remain somewhat bitter about it.


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Bit after the fact, but you can now self remove … uh… yourself… from PMs: