Why am I getting a bunch of messages from "system" on old posts?


I’m getting system notifications on the BBS on posts that are months old, saying that the system has locally archived a copy of an image. I’m also getting them on recent posts, which at least makes more sense even if it seems unnecessary (do I really need an alert to tell me that you’ve saved a copy of my reaction gif?) but the new alerts on old posts is just weird.

Some of my old posts are being shown as being edited

Me too: three system notifications today on long-dead threads.


It is driving me nucking futs.

I used to get them all the time, then they stopped, which was nice.

I guess they’ve restarted local cacheing of uploaded images - but honestly, I don’t care - just do that, I don’t need to be told about it.


Aargh! @codinghorror, make it stop!


Maybe this is a way of trying to subtly stop @Mindysan33 and the rest of us from posting snarky reaction .gifs.




I came in to 34 notifications and was all “I’m the most popularest girl in school!”

No, no you’re not. :frowning:


I haven’t had any and now I feel all left out.



Whinge about not getting notifications - go make consolatory cup of coffee - return to 59 notifications from system.

Now that’s service.


What happened is that we moved the BBS service off our “Virtual Host” on to a dedicated “Container”

In less gibberish, we set it up so BBS shares less resources with the other sites we host.

This forced us to move the spot where images are stored which meant we needed to “cook” all your old posts. Sadly this has lead to a bunch of notifications.

The process is now finished, so all should be back to normal …

@system would like to personally apologize for all of this.





Yeah, yeah… blame me. Thanks dude.


Me too. My friends never call, and now the system doesn’t even love me.


OK, that makes sense, but why is it important that I be notified every time I post a pic and y’all re-host it? can I turn this off?

addendum: @codinghorror, @sam ?

another addendum: OK, I see you’ve addressed this, just not in reply to me. how soon?


Right blame the bbs.


I had so many system notices I got slapped with “429 Too Many Requests” and couldn’t access the site for ~10 mins.


Deleted because I’m an idiot who didn’t notice an update pending on the machine I’ve just gotten back to after 2 weeks away.


ouch, that is not good.

I am torn on this one, on one hand, it is correct for system to be notifying you, it just went ahead and downloaded a remote image you hotlinked locally.

On the other hand this may be a bit on the loud side, I guess the “best” way to act here is to allow users to opt-out of this type of notification after they get the first one.


“I understand all my hotlinked images will be downloaded locally don’t bother me anymore with this [ ]”

Can we hide the system update to linked images?