Can we hide the system update to linked images?

I keep wasting tiny hits of social-interaction-substitute endorphins on those automatic alerts, which is doubly sad. #foreveralone

If dear old system can be trusted to fix our image hotlinks promptly and without fail every time, are those notifications really necessary? Should this not be a silent thing by default? Discuss.

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Even blocking notifications from @system doesn’t help with this.

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I don’t think these notifications serve a purpose either, I could do without them.


Other than allowing a person to see which URLs get transmogrified into beautifully formatted and framed imagey-links, I’m a big fan of getting rid of that notification.


Ok I turned on this setting:

Disables edit notifications by the system user when ‘download_remote_images_to_local’ is active.

That should turn off the edit notifications. (Are you posting a lot of remote hotlinked images every day? Why is this suddenly a problem?)


Thank you. I’ll let you know if it returns.

I guess I am, sometimes. I just counted 20 notifications in the last twelve hours, five of them pencil-@system ones. I’m probably more of a visual reference and punchline sharing type than average, and just copy-pasting the url from somewhere is a few steps more convenient than downloading an image just to upload it.

Not suddenly a problem, just a small enough annoyance that I keep forgetting so it keeps tripping me up. Glad to see others notice it too so I don’t look too much like a crazy pet peever.


Mindysan has been subtlety nudging us to upload more animated gifs.

Wait, subtlety? Basically daring us.


Not every day, but often enough.


Just above average, but the baseline’s pretty high around here, so there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you for disabling, but c’mon, man, it’s not “suddenly” and you know it:

March 29

your reply

That had to do with us moving things around artificially such that ALL images had to be redownloaded. That is what I meant by “moving to a new container”. Before that BB shared space with other sites.

the whole thread was about the notifications all happening at once in a batch, but you were replying to this specific post which said:

I guess the “best” way to act here is to allow users to opt-out of this
type of notification after they get the first one. EG: “I
understand all my hotlinked images will be downloaded locally don’t
bother me anymore with this [ ]”

which I thought is what we were talking about now.

you see it a different way, I guess.

It is turned off system wide now. So imagine that setting, but for everyone, with a single button push.

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But, @system was my invisible girlfriend!


Yours?! That two-timing bitch!