Is this a real pterodactyl flying over Idaho?


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Is this an example of Betteridge’s Law?





So Area 51 is in Idaho now?


“This video made me laugh out loud,” said paleontologist Leif Tapanila

I too laugh with joy at the diversity of life and the beauty of the natural world.


Ou est Adèle Blanc-Sec?


Is this the real Death Star over San Francisco?


I was particularly impressed by that one move where it seems to start to flip upside down, then rights itself and continues to fly forward with zero loss of forward momentum or altitude.


Bird with fish in beak = pterodactyl (go figure)


tell me more about this miraculous hybrid.


I think you’re giving it too much credit. Given the way it casually floats along in a way no flying thing ever has, and casually flaps its wings in a way that has no relation to the way its flying, and then bends in the middle of its torso mid-flight without effecting its flight path or breaking its spine I’m guessing somebody ponied up for a cheap CG plugin.


Kite maybe?


The police TIEs at 1:08 <3

Now I want one.


It’s clearly a pterodactyl. If it wasn’t real it wouldn’t be on the internet. The only question is if it was cloned by rogue scientists, or if they’ve just been hiding for a long time. Instead of quibbling over semantics, we should be looking for the cave.


Greetings Professor Falken


A dramatic discovery like this deserves an appropriately inspiring soundtrack…ah, here we go:



My apologies in advance.


For years I’ve been trying to convince my spouse to make pterodactyl masks for herons.
Did someone beat her to it?


Even that kite’s flight looks more realistic than the pterodactyl in the OP.