ISIS bans everything


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“Stop wasting time” sounds like a totally legit reason.

In fact it would be the second less insane thing ISIS proposed. The first one being banning tobacco.

And the third one woul be pigeon breeding. I’ve never met a non weirdo pigeon breeder.


And the third one woul be pigeon breeding. I’ve never met a non weirdo pigeon breeder.

You want Weirdos with time on there hands? Give the Weirdos something harmless to do like pigeon breeding… otherwise they may try something dangerous… like fundamentalism.


Why are you reporting stuff that appeared on RT?


What, no pixelation?
edit: never mind, i see it! Or rather, I don’t see whatever it’s supposed to be?


I guess they don’t realize the majority of bird mating is a rather PG affair? They look like they’re terrible at playing hopscotch for a little bit and then they get on with the rest of their day.


And they might be into non-sacred things like evolution. The first chapter of “The Origin of Species” was all about Darwin’s venture into pigeon breeding and how the diversity in appearance that could be obtained by selective breeding may have a natural analog – that’s why Darwin called it “natural selection”.


In light of this cavalcade of banning, the obligatory Jello Biafra spoken word:


In hard times, some people eat pigeons. I don’t know if that happens in ISIS areas, or how bird-meat plays into Islamic food laws, but my grandfather (South Dakota) raised pigeons for meat back in the 20s.


Interesting! My grandparents told me that the only birds that prospered during the Spanish famine were pigeons, because their meat was awful. Maybe they should have started breeding meat pigeons instead of race ones.


Well, at least now I have a better idea of what it takes to finally ban cigarettes.


To be fair to The Daily Fail, they misinterpreted an Arabic idiom, they didn’t make it up.


But can this smuggler make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs?


You should be careful shooting and eating pidgeon, it can get you killed.


I imagine that pigeons tastes sort of like ortolan, except you need not cower in shame beneath a napkin,


Well played, Rob. Well played.


ISIS bans the pyramids:

In March, an Islamist preacher from Kuwait called on members of the group to destroy Egypt’s Pyramids and Great Sphinx, which it sees as forbidden material objects and idols.


So… The Sphinx, which pretty much nobody actually worships in the modern age, is an unacceptable idol. But a shiny piece of rock in Mecca is totally fine?

Religion: Capable of making the most honest people in the world complete hypocrites.


It doesn’t take hard times. It’s not very difficult to find a fancy restaurant with squab on the menu. Those are selectively bred and raised for meat though; your common flying rat city pigeon probably tastes as disgusting as you’d think, if not even disgustinger.

Apparently seagulls are truly inedible. Annoying even in death.


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