Petal, Mississippi, bans vaping

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Ban everything.
Problem solved.


Ban bans.
Problem solved.


Your prescience is amazing: 17 minutes after the article on banning vapes in Petal came this BoingBoing headline from a different area overrun by authoritarians who want to make sure nobody has any fun:

“ISIS bans everything - Cigarettes are among the many fun things prohibited in the area controlled by Islamic militants in Syria and Iraq.”


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When I was in France, everyone had these. I was surprised to be able to walk the streets of Paris and never smell tobacco smoke. I felt like if people wanted to pollute their own bodies, they were still able to without polluting mine. It seemed like a good solution.

Then recently I was at a music festival and a lot of people were vaping. I realized that there was no way to know whether it was tobacco or pot in the devices.

My guess is that this town’s concern is more that this is a way to discreetly smoke pot than anything to do with cigarettes.


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I quit smoking cigarettes last fall, and a vape pen helped me do it. I’m tapering off, but still not at zero nicotine. I wish that I could find some accurate information about what’s in the liquid / what’s in the exhaled vapor. It seems that what I read is either “totally 100% safe, NBD quit worrying” and “OMG nooooo poison / think of the children”.

My personal anecdote is I cough less and my lungs feel better. I have no scientific basis for it, but I’m thinking it’s better than cigarettes. At the same time, I have a suspicion that the vape liquid is not totally benign.



I think we should ban Ray. He’s been up to no good for like, forever.


The bulk of the liquid is propylene glycol. Stuff similar to glycerine, used in food industry as a solvent and humectant inter alia. May be an irritant but you can drink it when pure (if you’d drink the vaping fluid the nicotine dose may kill you).


Ban Mississippi.


If you stop within a few months, it’s almost certain to be less harmful than ciggies.

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Vamping is still allowed?


The substrate is usually a mixture of PG and glycerin. Glycerin adds viscosity and creates more visible vapor; it also tends to feel “moister” on the draw. Some people find PG to be mildly irritating; some of those people dislike that. I personally prefer a VG-heavy vape, maybe 80/20 or 90/10. Pure VG is too viscous to work well in most tank-based ecigs.

Incidentally, the “e-liquid” industry must be making money hand-over-fist. They sell “premium” mixtures of mostly VG, PG, nicotine and flavorings for about $0.50/mL while the bulk price of VG and PG is closer to $0.50 per pound.

I try to come up with euphemisms for ecigs. My favorites are “nicotine inhaler” and “personal fog machine”, both of which are arguably more accurate terms. It is an inhaler, and PG/VG is used in fog machines.


It may not be any better, but could it be any worse?



From what I’ve read, since the stuff is usually made in China and poorly regulated, no one entirely knows what’s in it. Apparently some are mostly glycerin and propylene glycol as the solvent, some aren’t. Also it sometimes/often has some of the same carcinogens as cigarettes, which is rather absurd since they shouldn’t even be in there…

There’s a place in town that brags about making their own. It doesn’t actually make me feel better. I feel like they won’t be malicious, but that doesn’t actually say anything abut competence.