Island of the (perhaps overly) friendly bunnies


This is far too G related for a animal post from Maggie.

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Sorry. The link came from my dad.


Unleash the hounds! That’ll kick it up to NC-17, at least!

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I’m confused. Asian cuisine has them scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel on what most people consider edible (from cephalopods, to insects, to balut, etc) - and here they have a whole island hopping with lean, tasty protein…

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Hasenpfeffer can be very difficult to prepare.

Perhaps this is scaring them off:

I enjoy rabbit as food (grilled with herbs or in tomato sauce), but I can’t help but think about this every time I eat it.

Is this one of those videos where the throng of rabbits parts to reveal a human skeleton?


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Americans and Europeans eat solid rotten milk, by choice. Traditional food becomes tradition most commonly due to circumstance, and when circumstance changes tradition tends to only change slowly or if the new circumstance precludes the previous one.

Europeans eat solid rotten milk, Americans eat a yellow plastic substance labelled ‘cheese’.
fixed it for you :wink:

A few Europeans eat solid rotten milk that has turned soft again because of the maggots living in it. Though you do have to be careful that the little buggers don’t jump into your nose or eyes when you take a bite.

Aren’t rabbits vegetarian?

For now. But who knows what will happen when the bunny treats stop. The day of the lagomorpha is at hand.

Even herbivores will eat meat if the opportunity presents itself.

Is’t accident, liege Othello, that lago morphs Iago? Beware. Be very ware.

I’ll get m’coat.

Is “gullibility” the right word here? Perhaps “susceptibility to cuteness”?
Person wants to interact with a cute wild creature and is willing to trade a treat for that experience.
Seems like a fair trade.

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