Venezuelan government hopes eating rabbits will ease food crisis


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Caught in the center of a soundless field
While hot inexplicable hours go by
What trap is this? Where were its teeth concealed?
You seem to ask.
I make a sharp reply,
Then clean my stick. I’m glad I can’t explain
Just in what jaws you were to suppurate:
You may have thought things would come right again
If you could only keep quite still and wait.

-Myxomatosis, Philip Larkin


LOL . I was going to mention that, but remember this is in extreme situation where that is ALL you eat. If you still have access to some other foods, you will be fine.

That said - rabbit IS very lean and as I recall fairly tasty, though I have only had wild rabbit, not any who are grown for food.


It should be noted that Venezuela’s Minister of Agriculture was a major celebrity in the US


My Irish grandfather used to raise them for food in Queens. The practice didn’t survive into the next generation.


Some aid shipments of lard should deal with that.


Hasenpfeffer? Hasenpfeffer!?


There’s ducks too, right? Rabbit, duck, and chicken, in my opinion are the choicest of meats.


What about goose?


I’ve never had it. If it’s dark and fatty/greasy, though, chances are I’d like it.


It worked for North Korea (maybe?)


Came here to post the same thing.

I first heard of “rabbit starvation” as a lad, after reading how Pres. Theodore Roosevelt suffered this during a particularly harsh winter on the N. Dakota badlands.


I find rabbit to be tasty as well, but beware of tularemia et al!

By way of my father, an air force veteran, I came across an unsavory cartoon depiction of “field dressing a rabbit without a knife.” Almost comical if it weren’t literally and figuratively so visceral. But, then, “hanger” can change even the most civilized person.


I know someone who did all her own meat for a few years, and she chose to do it with rabbit.

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are probably the best choices for backyard meat production, but eating Guinea Pigs is pretty rare in North America.


For myself; I just try to not order off the menu.


I think you’d like it. It’s a staple in German winter cuisine, though usually prepared in restaurants. It’s indeed similar to duck. Quite greasy, lots of excess fat to be collected for sauces and spreads.


Cult-of-personality communism delivers in 2017 what cult-of-personality capitalism did in 1989:


I knew there had to be a downside the minute the words “no cholesterol” were mentioned…

I guess the bunnies in my yard are safe now.:thinking:


Is this what they mean by “dressed” rabbit?