It can’t just be the brain worm: what the hell is wrong with RFK, Jr?

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I can’t believe this asshole of the aristocracy, this nimrod of the know-nothings, this prevaricator of the privileged, this blabbering, boorish bastard of the blue bloods is going to be the thing that sinks Biden.> Blockquote

This is the same sort of self-prophesizing that the lazy media advances each and every day.


I’m sorry, what? Maybe 30 years ago.


I doubt that he’s directly or knowingly on the Kremlin payroll, but I have no doubt that Putin is sending money to his campaign through cut-outs who deliver these talking points on the side.

Also, in addition to his literal brain worm, we have to keep in mind that heroin, dynastic wealth, and the desire to match the achievements of a distinguished dead father are all helluva drugs.


He’s a lying grifter, and has always been a lying grifter, with a transactional model of “the truth” as “whatever is most profitable for RFK Jr right now”.

All that has changed is that different things are currently profitable for RFK Jr.


The Russians are running a full-out influence operation in the U.S., U.K. and Western Europe. It has been very successful. They get their message out through many channels including social media and fringe websites and news organizations, such as OANN. Then with luck that content gets picked up by better known and more widely distributed media, by which time its origin in Russia is obscured. It helps that Putin’s authoritarian regime resonates with far-right parties in the targeted countries, which share his disdain for democracy.


… what the hell is wrong with RFK, Jr?

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Disclosure: over the years I have had friends and family struggle with addiction in many forms. Some of these people are dead. My eyes are very open.

… Based on the 21 studies included in the current review, there is evidence that heroin use may have a direct and damaging effect on certain brain functions and that these changes may be associated with impulsive and unhealthy decision making. From the review of these studies, the authors understand that a longer duration of heroin use may be associated with more damaging effects on brain functions. The authors also understand that these brain changes could last long after abstinence, which may increase the risk of relapse to heroin use. …

Fact: 14 years using (his own self-disclosure, this source)


I believe he has already stated he had neurological issues related to mercury poisoning in addition to the brain worm. I don’t think either of those conditions fully explain the Putin-apologist nonsense though.


I find the whole NATO expansion argument profoundly absurd. NATO was created as a firewall against Soviet Russia’s expansionist aims in Western Europe. By the very act of invading Ukraine, Putin has proved that it is an imperative organization that must transcend any form of Russian governance. Even if the pledge was actually made, who f&$:!%g cares! They’re a perpetual threat. They must be countered. Move along!


pretty sure he pulls more from the Trump voter base than the Biden voter base. Maybe there’s a few senile dems who see the name Kennedy and can’t think beyond that.


Really? Is that where his antivaxx shit started? I know he still pushes the “Mercury is in your vaccines” bullshit to this day. I wonder which came first, and whether he really has Hg toxicity or if he has decided he has “vaccine injuries” from the evil, evil mercury. Regardless, he is an immoral grifter and spouts lies like most of us breath, so I guess I really don’t care, now that I think about it.


There’s definite overlap in the anti-wax and Russia, no matter what they do, deserves a buffer from Nato camps.

I’m not sure where/who/how, but I’ve gotten the same talking points from family members in Europe that were in ass-deep on the anti-vax (thankfully it’s only ankle deep now). Though, I would not be all that surprised if came from Jr. here, which doesn’t help to answer where he’s getting it from.


We have a large Russian expat population here, and as a rule none of them vaccinate. I’ve never gotten an explanation for this. Back when I used to ask, the response was universally some variation of “You can’t ask me that!” with greater or lesser degrees of “and I take great offense that you did!” This has resulted in a currently ongoing chicken pox and pertussis outbreak in that community that we just cannot get them to take seriously. RFKjr has blood on his hands, and more to come.



Just yesterday, a man with a clipboard approached me and asked for my signature to get Kennedy on the IL ballot. I couldn’t contain my laughter as I said “No, Thank you”.


According to what I’ve read he blamed his own mercury poisoning on seafood consumption (which in fairness is a lot more likely than the “vaccine injury” conspiracy theories):

About the same time he learned of the parasite, he said, he was also diagnosed with mercury poisoning, most likely from ingesting too much fish containing the dangerous heavy metal, which can cause serious neurological issues. “I have cognitive problems, clearly,” he said in the 2012 deposition.


He did say those things, to justify why he couldn’t pay his ex-wife what she believed he owed her. Then, once she committed suicide, all his health problems mysteriously vanished. Hmm.


I understood the “mercury poisoning brain-damage” story to be part of his malingering deadbeat phase, when he was welching on his alimony obligations in the process of driving his wife to suicide. No longer operative.

UPDATE: Coke to spetrovits.