It Feels Good to Be Yourself: a sweet, simple picture book about gender identity

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The people who get all red-faced and table-poundey when they so much as hear the word “transgender” definitely need to read this book :slight_smile:


Let’s all be ourselves, everyone else is taken.


I have one disagreement with the message in this book. The end says “No matter what your gender identity you are ok just the way you are.” (or words to that effect).

No. Just No…some people are not ok regardless of their gender identity. Case in point: Mitch McConnell. Nostradumbass. Paul Ryan. I could go on.

Everything else is all sorts of awesome.

Within the context of gender-identity, I truly don’t care if Mitch McConnel is a cisgender male or a non-binary turtle (most likely).

He’s still a colossal asshole.


exactly my point :slight_smile:

Let’s be honest…he is clearly Yertle.


If any of those people (I use the term loosely) were likely to read this book and feel it applied to them, I’d agree. As it is, I’m ok with broadly telling small children still internalizing the concept that identity and behavior are different things that they’re not inherently flawed in some way because of aspects they can’t change.


Unfortunately, they’re more likely to burn it than read it…


I’m thinking of a T-shirt, something like…

There are 10 types of sensible people in the world:

  • Those who understand that sex is not a binary
  • Those who understand that sex and gender are not the same thing

That’s a good one. Print that shit up and make some money and donate it to a good trans cause!


It’s just a matter of time before one of their kids comes out as trans. Two members of Congress that I’m aware of have already had a child & a grandchild who is trans. An R & a D. Fortunately both had accepting families.

And I’ve heard some stories on some members who had a preference for trans women. But I wouldn’t call their interactions accepting- no invitation to the Christmas Party to be expected.


Yep. All too often, people who rail against trans people are very often willing to abandon their own children. It’s easy to see how the trans teen suicide rate is so high. I’m glad in the case you know, it seems like families were accepting…

I’m curious which of those are hardline anti-LBGQT+ rights? The older I get, the less tolerance I have for hypocrites…

But back to the book, it strikes me that this book isn’t just great for kids who are trans, but for kids who are not trans, too. It might help them be more empathetic and understanding of their peers who are trans. Hopefully, lots of elementary school and public libraries will stock this book.


Thanks for sharing this book with us. I’m ordering two copies!


They most definitely were opposed to equality. But my info isn’t solid on this; so no naming names. The relationships I’ve been told of were contractual in nature.


That kind of hypocrisy infuriates me no end… but it’s telling about the people who engage in that kind of behavior - enjoying the time and body of someone who they are actively seeking to destroy their ability to live a happy and productive life independent of them… but maybe that’s part of the point? If LBGQT+ people’s rights weren’t constantly under attack, and their well being not threatened, then the hypocrites could no longer enjoy their contractual relationship, because that person might have other options… Much like abortion and women’s rights, and civil rights for racial minorities and immigrants - it’s about a loss of control more than anything else.


Ok, that’s cutesy and all, but ugh.
You just took the subject and re-politicized it.
Don’t get me wrong. I agree with you most wholeheartedly on the subject of McConnell etc.

But they once were ok.
When they were old enough to be the target audience of this book.

That’s what it’s about.

Yeah, yeah, I know.
But you cheapened the discourse.

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we are not, in fact, entitled to change the subject to politicians we don’t like :roll_eyes:

stay on topic

EDIT: and “don’t engage me again” is a game we are no longer being invited to play


Both of my kids have friends who are working their way through this. Their little groups of friends seem to accept it in the same way that seeing the sun means it’s a sunny day.


I’d like to see the Venn diagram of people that don’t understand gender and the people that don’t understand binary counting. This may be way to subtle and clever for some.