It is National Toast Day


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Autumn seems to me like a better time for National Toast Day–at least in the northern hemisphere.


Here’s Paul Young’s old band singing about toast on Top of the Pops!


Can anybody explain the difference between e1 and a5 to me?


I suspect as you move from a to j the toast becomes crisper, but remains soft inside. as you move from 1 to 9 it becomes dryer and less soft inside. Or the other way around. Sort of my only way to understand the difference.


You just made that up, didn’t you?


I don’t wanna brag, I don’t wanna boast…


Some of that toast looks like it was raised white.


Absolutely I did. Like I said…my only way to understand the difference, and it at least made sense to me.


I want a toast chart that accurately reflects my bread choices. I need multigrain, wheat, rye, marble, italian, foccacia, and raisin toast choices here!!!


See, I was thinking it was maybe the vector cross product of time and temperature, neither of which are vectors, but it sounded good!


thats exactly what I was thinking here. high heat for less time and low heat for more time can produce the same result on the outside of the bread. But both will change the inside. Fast and high will create a very crisp crust but keep the inside still ■■■■■ and soft. Slow and low will dry out that toast into a brick.


I could really go for some e5 right about now.


I tried something like that on a Star Wars toaster that I used to have…


blessed by black jesus toast


Artisanal toast:


If only you knew the power of the "dark" setting.


the last one was up to eleven?


Toast Man


I propose a toast. . .