It looks like Tobey Maguire has seen the "Bully Maguire" meme

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The piece says Maguire was very first Spiderman on film.

Nope. I remember going to see a spiderman movie as kid, cant remember name of it but def live action and probably one of these:


The first three on that list were a TV show and two made-for-TV movies. Maybe a handful of theaters screened them back in the day (much like how the made-for-television Ewok movies had a limited theatrical run in Europe) but the 2002 Spider-Man movie was the first one actually made for theatrical release.

Excluding unauthorized Bollywood adaptations of course.


Yep, there were three theatrical releases made from the ‘70s Spider-Man series. The two movies cobbled together from two episode stories were released in non-US theaters before they were shown on US TV as TV movies, so arguably the movie versions were made for theatrical release, but just barely technically.

OTOH, Bergman, Fassbinder, Bertolucci, etc. get to release their TV work in US theatres and no one dismisses these efforts. After all he’s done for us, can’t we give Spider-Man the same respect?


As others have pointed out "Magurie starred as the very first live-action Spider-Man on film " is incorrect. My dad took me to the cinema in the UK to see Nicholas Hammond as spider man back in the 70’s


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