Stripping the music from this 'Spider-Man 3' scene makes it even more uncomfortable to watch


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The very first two spider man movies were OK. Every single one since then, we’ve bailed a few minutes in because either boring or downright bad.

It doesn’t help that on screen, Peter Parker isn’t a very likable person.


I really hated Tobey M as spiderman. Then and now.

Tom Holland nails the naivety and awkwardness brilliantly.


I think that while not perfect, Spider-Man Homecoming finally got the personality of Peter Parker right. He’s a smart and enthusiastic guy with a subversive sense of humor.


Now change his face to Pharma Bro.


Wasn’t that the point of the scene?


Never saw spiderman 3, and I didn’t realize that the infamous dance sequence was cross-cut with a “Peter becomes a dick” montage… It not nearly as bad as I thought, especially since it’s supposed to be bad in the text of the film. Still its hard to get past how creepy Toby McGuire is in general


These clips didn’t show the Jazz Club dance scene though:


If you think Venom-infected Peter Parker without music is ridiculous, Sony is about to release a new Venom movie that omits any mention of Spider-Man.


I thought Shkreli was in jail?


He looks like he just lost his virginity.


Haha, ok; that’s pretty bad.


So less like Unfinished Sympathy

And more likely to end up like Bittersweet Symphony

Maybe Shkreliman could do with a bucket of Vindaloo


Am I the only one who thought everyone in that scene seemed like a cocky douchebag?


I saw the affluenza kid Ethan Couch


They cut out the part where he compares the height of his heels with ones in a store wndow. :thinking:


If they didn’t keep shouting England, I’d think it was a nightmare scene from Trainspotting. :wink:


They were all Scotland/Hibs fans in Trainspotting. A bunch of people marching down the street chanting England is a nightmare for them.


Indeed. Yet people seem to miss that completely.


Okay. So with the music and particularly the intercut scenes of him being a douche, he comes off as a douche. But without the music or intercut scenes, he just looks like some weirdo strutting down sidewalk (oddly full of conventionally good-looking young women), dancing horribly and getting a little too enthusiastic about his new threads.