Hear how Jake Gyllenhaal almost replaced Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2

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Maguire had a very poor reputation in Hollywood around that time for on set drama and legal dust ups about high stakes poker games held at his home that saw the feds poking around that became the loose basis for a movie about a high stakes poker game


Bah. When I was a wee snipe I’d get up at 6 am before school and watch the real original.
I liked the movie but I was a bit put off by Maguire’s earnest, homespun voice. Paul Soles had a snarky, sarcastic tone that seemed like a much better fit for the comic book character.

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I thought Tobey did fine with the material he was given but it’s unfortunate that his first attempt at a witty Spider-Man line during a fight was just a dumb homophobic snark.


This article purports to give details

Jake Gyllenhaal almost replaced Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2

I for one wouldn’t have noticed.


Sure, but I think that scene is trying to show that… spiderman is being an asshole and self-involved? And then uncle Ben dies because of that…

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I grew up experiencing that series on VHS we rented multiple times. Standout for my brother and me was Soles’ delivery of, “Ouch! Something bit me!” during Spidey’s origin story. If memory serves, and it could all be embellished at this point because it became a private joke between us, the second sentence was strangely subdued following the scream of pain.

As far as I’m concerned, Christopher Daniel Barnes, of the '94 series) provided the best Spider-Man voice. To this day it’s the one I hear whenever I read a Spider-Man comic or novel. But there were times when, either by direction or his own actors choices, he was a bit too dramatic for what was happening on screen.

Maguire, or any of the cinematic Spider-Men for that matter, have NEVER captured Peter’s wit and hunor from the comics.

He’s always just kinda endearing. Which isn’t Spider-Man at all. Peter’s kind of a dick when he’s in costume. He bullies his villains.


Well he was definitely dickish bully in the black costume.


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