'It sickened me', says fmr Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mike Mullen on Trump's church gassing stunt

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Awesome. This is helpful, it really is—this and the Mattis statement provide cover for others to come forward and also disavow the fascist in the Oval.

But the question is: so what is Mullen going to do now? He’s identified a serious problem, he’s taken personal step in the right direction, but it’s obviously not enough. So what is he going to do now?


So, what CAN he do? He’s an ex-commander, now retired. He can’t tell active duty troops to disobey orders or to mutiny. He can inhabit talk shows and be mostly ignored. He can keep his well-paid seats on corporate boards that likely won’t act to endanger their federal contracts. What CAN he do?


He can inhabit talk shows and be mostly ignored.

I don’t agree for a moment that that’s what would happen. He’s the former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs–there’s not a talk show on earth that wouldn’t be overjoyed to have him. If he lays out his case, over and over, as to why Trump is unfit and how the things he’s calling for are clearly unconstitutional, people would listen. People in power would listen–he would give cover to the cowardly in the Senate (not enough to actually do anything, probably…but we’re in uncharted territory, so there’s no way to say for sure), and he would force some of those afflicted by BothSideserism to actually think for once.

Could he by himself turn the tide? Of course not. Could he make a tiny difference? Of course he could. Trump won by 80k votes in three states. It’d be great if Trump lost 100% of 2016 Trump voters. But we don’t need that. Just a few percentages here and there means a tsunami.

What can he do? Well, he’s in the top 1% of the top 1%. He can fucking do SOMETHING. In fact, he’s already made a good start. But it’s not enough.


Every time someone prominent breaks ranks, more people will be encouraged to do the same. That’s a big part of the Republican lockstep – there’s a huge pressure to conform and fear of being the only one breaking the consensus.

We’re seeing it now from several directions. From columnists, from former and even some current Republican officeholders, from mayors and chiefs of police.

It’s hard and scary to speak up when you’re alone (the “other side” doesn’t really count). But look what happened with same-sex marriage once a few people started coming out and their families, their co-workers, and their neighbors discovered that people they’d known forever were gay and still the people they knew. Which gave more people the encouragement to come out as well.

Things can happen fast when that process starts.


Gassing and grenading clergy to clear the way for a photo op by someone who uses the Bible as a prop but he can’t read it. The moneylenders have driven Jesus out of the temple.



A powerful image but a ‘like’ somehow doesn’t seem right… ::querulous emoji::

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I missed this one, it may be even more terrifying than the president/Barr’s behavior


Way back in 1992, when I was getting kicked out of the USAF for being queer, I was fairly amazed at how many people in command would say to me privately “I don’t agree with this policy,” but apparently agreed with it enough to go along with the discharge.


Tinder, waiting for a spark. I was pleasantly surprised when the Services pushed back against claims that LGBTQ++++ folk in uniform would be detrimental to discipline and effectiveness.


When I was kicked out the argument was that we could be subject to blackmail. Never mind the fact that the most damaging group to whom potential blackmailers could threaten to reveal us would be the military. It’s that kind of wonderful circular reasoning that’s made the military what it’s been for centuries. (Why yes, that is sarcasm, how could you tell?)

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I completely agree. This actions sickens me. I still have some Trump supporters in my feed, none of them have posted his photo op. They know deep down that was bullshit.

God help the one who does…

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