It takes a whole lotta lions to take down a solitary buffalo


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Illigitimi non carborundum


Cape buffalo are solid hunks of muscle and anger. They’re the dumb jocks of the savannah who’ll pick fights with people, each other, or random trees. It was a little unnerving when I was awoken at 4am by one outside my tent, ripping up grass and snorting.


It can take a whole pride of humans, too.


On one of my visits to the Zoo when I had a membership they had a guy from that area talking about the wildlife there. He said if he had a choice between walking toward a lion or a buffalo he would pick the lion.


I don’t understand why somebody didn’t get out of the car and get a close up…


Yet one yahoo with a “hunting” rifle can down a buffalo in seconds. Hardly seems fair.


Oh man, that one lion is biting the buffalo’s wee-wee. That’ll bring ya down for sure.


He said if he had a choice between walking toward a lion or a buffalo he would pick the lion.

These guys agree:


Totally. The guide on my recent safari said that in 14 years on the job, he’d only seen guides or tourists attacked by animals twice, and both were buffalo. Lions run away. Buffalo will charge.


Agony sure is hilarious, isn’t it?


On the one hand, I think there’s probably something in Western types that looks at creatures like this buffalo and thinks, “emotionlessness = peaceful, placid,” and then people get run over by bison during a selfie at Yellowstone.

On the other hand, yikes:


Let me guess, the buffalo thought, “I don’t like being in this herd with its overbearing regulations and democratic deficit. I want my freedom back! I’ll take back control! Let me do deals with other animals on my own terms and… oh wait.

Seems like everything I see these days is an analogy for Brexit.


Why the scare quotes?


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