It's Friday the 13th, and I found just the movie for tonight

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I just rewatched House of the Devil on Shudder through Last Drive In (Billy Bob often has very insightful comments in his bumpers about the films, makers, and other aspects of each entry). It’s very good, but is a real slow burn, so don’t go into it expecting a lot of stuff to happen right away.


So, Wet Hot American Summer is a film version of the NetFlix series? I assume so because while the cast appears to be the same, the trailer had scenes I didn’t recognize from the show.

The show was outstanding. Strong recommend for that one. Paul Rudd steals every scene he’s in and Elizabeth Banks is a close second. The whole cast is frankly amazing. It’s one of those projects that makes you ask, “how did they get all these people together for this goofy thing?!”. Like it has to have been a drunken agreement signed at a SAG party or backstage at SNL one night. The sequel series (Ten Years Later) is just okay, FWIW.

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The show is a sequel to the 2001 movie


Ooooh, thank you! I did not know that.

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Oh my god. You’re in for a treat.



I know The House of the Devil was really well received critically but i found it really disappointing.
Blue Ruin, on the other hand, is well worth watching.


Blue Ruin is great, but Saulnier’s next movie, Green Room, was my favorite thriller in years. Basically a flawless film.

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I quite liked it, but I admit I thought the payoff at the end was nowhere near as exciting as the buildup to it.

I’m a huge horror fan, and I liked House of the Devil (I do like a slow burn) but I don’t think it was as fantastic as everyone else seems to think. I enjoyed it about the same as my usually low-tomato meter horror. (I looked up its score on IMDB out of curiosity and its 6.3/10, I’ve noticed I usually like things with an IMDB score between 4.5-6.5, I don’t know what that means but its more consistent than RT scores for finding horror movies I like).
I also liked The Innkeepers (same director) but you MUST be a fan of a slooooow burn to enjoy that one.




as someone who was a camper every summer for the whole 80s (the era the movie was set during) and who went back as a counselor when I was 18, I am qualified to say Wet Hot American Summer is perfect in every way. I couldn’t believe how accurate it was, which made it even more hilarious.

I was pumped for the Netflix series, but it was just OK. enjoyable, but a shadow of the movie.


Those trips into town, ah memories of youth

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