It's mole day! At 6:02, tip your hat to Avogadro's constant

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At 6:02 on 10/23, we pay tribute to the beloved SI unit commonly used in pesky chemistry class conversions.

But is that 6:02 AM or PM? Is it GMT or local time? I mean, if we’re talking about physical constants, shouldn’t we be more precise?

If the correct moment is 6:02 PM GMT (or some other time zone west of me), I still have time! But then, where I live, that’s 18:02. I was still asleep when 6:02 came and went.


That’s cool and all, but when I first saw the headline, I was hoping it was Mole (Mo-lay) Day, as in the Mexican sauce that I would sell my soul to.


Many an adventurous (and hungry) gringo has sold his soul to mole, and perished in the dark, dank depths of its deliciousness, never to return.


I thought it was a reference to this album:

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Weirdly, Avogadro’s number is etched in my brain.

I have to think about c the speed of light, and I can never remember G the gravitational constant and I discovered the other day that I’d forgotten how to multiply!!

But Avogadro and his constant always spring to mind, unbidden.


Zulu time.

You want precise?
The authoritative doc is
The CODATA 2017 values of h, e, k, and NA for the revision of the SI

Therein, they state that the conservative value used in the revision of SI units is
6.022 140 758 × 10^23

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(And same, @Mercenary_Garage, I have no idea why, since I don’t work in chemistry, but that Avogadro has some staying power.)


Dammit. I never noticed that I no longer know G. Until now.

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Or 602,214,076,000,000,000,000,001 particles in a “baker’s mole”.


Why not? People have pie on Pi Day and Approximately Pi day.

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Mmmhhh, Avogadro…

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I think we should start a movement to have double the pie on tau day.

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