Milo vastly in debt


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Couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow, although the karmic debt he owes can’t be expressed in dollars.

But where is the eyes===>mouths version of that picture? Are you feeling all right, @beschizza?



I’m trying to muster a little sympathy for the stress that overspending on a lavish Hawaiian wedding and incurring massive debts is causing a racist Nazi pedophile, but somehow I just can’t.

Ok, I admit it, I’m not really trying.


I say the following with no implication of trollishness or a lead-in to a joke. I need some help here.

  1. Who is Milo (Yiannopoulous)? I can do some wiki-ing, but I need context.

  2. What are “nupties”?

  3. I think I know who/what Augusto Pinochet is? Maybe?

  4. The Mercers? I’m assuming rich-people folks, but again, context would be helpful.


“numpty”: British, perhaps specifically Scottish, slang, meaning “fool”, “idiot”.


Milo just needs to think outside the box and expand his job search parameters. With his shit-stirring expertise he should be able to land a fulfilling and lucrative position at any sewage treatment facility in the US.







Hedge fund billionaires and financiers of the alt-right, best known for their patronage of Steve Bannon and Breitbart News. Conservative asshat fuckwits of the highest order.


"Dr. Peter Venkman:

Milo, someone with your qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries."


Please. Sewage treatment facilities perform a vital function, operate to high standards and take their responsibility to the public very seriously.


Consider yourself lucky for not knowing.

Dictator of Chile in the 1970s, executed left wingers by throwing them out of helicopters. Margaret Thatcher and Milton Friedman liked him.

I think it’s


This asshole? I’m done talking about him. Anyone got a good recipe for eggnog? (preferably the boozy kind).


Yeah, I find myself asking the same question. Who? Must be like Japan…


Bioreactor cleaning crew should be about right for him. Given the stench that came from the sewage plant by my house when they cleaned theirs this summer, it could be a perfect match - he must used to that level of fetid, toxic, vileness by now, based on what comes out of his mouth.


I’m kind of baffled that you haven’t seen his name in the hundreds of threads here over the past few years but… Milo is a far-right shit-stirrer whose career consists of making inflammatory speeches and public appearances and generally being as horrible a human being as possible for money. He’s a virulent racist and homophobe (despite being a gay man married to a black man) who thinks all gay people should go ‘back in the closet and have kids’ or die. He’s openly a Nazi sympathizer but his career fizzled out when he announced that pedophilia is awesome.


“Stop being poor” he said on Instagram. Maybe he should try that.


Mine’s not written down - except this one rule. The more rum - the longer it can last in the frig.


Mm, that’s a good point. Wastewater treatment is an unpleasant but vital civic function, whereas Milo is merely unpleasant. Maybe he could move to Peru and try his hand a guano mining?