Milo Yiannopoulos says on Instagram that it's "disgusting and sad" that pipe bombs didn't kill intended victims


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Of course he did. He wants attention. So you give him it.




What’s that, Milo said something intentionally outrageous again?


Another shining point of light in the universe of very fine people checks in.


Yup, this is how it works. Once you’ve gone down the Milo/Rush/Coulter/InfoWars road of saying horrible hateful things for clicks, attention, book sales, and snake-oil peddling, you can never go backwards. All you can do is keep ramping up the outrageousness and try not to cross a line. Milo screwed that up by forgetting that proud gay pedophilia is one of those lines not to be crossed, so he’s back to trying murder fantasies.


Awww, look who’s seeking more attention after his little ragequit.


This sounds like someone who should be denied entry to the country under extreme vetting and placed on the no fly list.

Who is he?


Milo is disgusting and sad.


“I have lost everything standing up for the truth in America, spent all my savings, destroyed all my friendships, and ruined my whole life.”



Calling him “untalented” is both petty and false. He’s very talented. If he was a stupid attention-seeker, he could be dismissed. But he’s clever and smart and using his talent for evil, and he knows it.

Might be enough to make you believe in hell.


Please stop giving this person any press.


All I know about this classy gentleman is that he claimed he couldn’t be racist because he had performed fellatio on “literally hundreds” of black guys.

Because white guys having sex with black people automagically makes them not racist, right Strom?


How “disgusted and sad” would he be if someone sent him a pipebomb and it exploded, killing his husband? He’d probably be happy, because he’d be able to play the victim again.


How does he still hold his visa to stay in the US?! They clearly did not send their best.





He’s obviously one of those brown Central-American Muslim terrorists wearing a white meat suit.