It's not just statues. Renaming schools is anti-historical now too 🙄

Excellent news! People have been tossing around all kinds of Lees who are much more deserving of the honor of having a school named after them.

But oh no! If we rename all of the Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis schools in America, we’ll forget about the Civil War and be doomed to another deadly armed conflict over whether it’s acceptable to own other people as property!

I simply cannot get over this ludicrous and incomprehensible view of what “history” is. Nobody is going to forget who Robert E. Lee was simply because we took his name off of a bunch of school buildings. Just like Confederate statues, putting slave-owners’ names on the sides of government property is a completely unsubtle act of white supremacy, loudly and proudly informing marginalized groups that the US Government finds these men to be worthy of honor and remembrance. So know your place.

Robert E. Lee belongs in Hell, but failing that, I’ll settle for textbooks and museums and not the entrance to a place of learning that young PoC are compelled by the government to attend.


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