It's official: Disney+ will premiere Peter Jackon's 6-hour Beatle's documentary in November

Originally published at: It's official: Disney+ will premiere Peter Jackon's 6-hour Beatle's documentary in November | Boing Boing


I for one am kinda pissed about this. I wanted the big screen/great sound experience for this puppy. Now I have to pay Disney. Hopefully they’ll release a 2-hour theatrical version at some point …


Who’s Beatle, and why should I watch their documentary?


If I hear a Beatles tune more than 4 times a year, it’s about enough for me. Their over-play on FM radio during the 60’s & 70’s make me so.



Finally, a documentary about The Beatles. How did I live without this for so long.


So basically a repeat of the 1990’s ‘Anthology’ series that aired on ABC, which was also Disney.

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When I come across their LPs out in the wild I typically pronounce it “Beat-less” to whatever poor soul is standing nearby.

“You ever hear of these guys, The Beatless? they’re pretty good, I predict big things for them someday. And check out this fella, Bob Dye-lan, also very talented, although his voice takes some getting used to.”


And wait for it… A new release of totally unheard crap they recorded, and then re-recorded, and then re-mastered, and then re-re-mastered again. I can’t wait.


Me too. And there is no way in hell I will subscribe to the Disney channel just to watch this.

Needs more @frauenfelder - Mark, you used the correct form (Beatles) in the post but for some weird reason you have inserted an apostrophe into the name of the greatest band ever (Beatle’s) in the headline. Which does of course prompt the question: Which member of the Beatles are you referring to, seeing as each individual member has become known as a ‘Beatle’?


I was skeptical going into the Cirque show a few years back but I gotta say it was amazing. The mixes brought things out I’d never noticed before. This makes me hopeful for the Disney Plus show, though I may need to watch with high-end headphones.


Well, geez ya bunch a grumpy pants. I, for one am thrilled at the opportunity to see the greatest band of all time (fight me!) shown in one of their creative highs without the racist popular press spin about Yoko or John v Paul. Just four supremely talented individuals going back to their roots before Spector got his psycho mitts all over it.

This has been well known for a while. I’m not going to bother with a citation, but the LIB recording session tapes were recently recovered after being stolen ca ‘72 and iirc, amounted to about 400 hours of audio. The LIB film was buried, so almost no one even saw the released video even then.


Speaking of Jackson, I just saw Bad Taste, his early home made film. Kinda interesting with some cool practical effects.


Bad Taste and Meet the Feebles were about all I knew about Jackson before he was announced for LOTR. I was astonished they would give him the job. It really kind of kicked off the era of weirdo indie directors getting prestige jobs (you could also make that argument about Raimi getting Spider Man).


Sounds like most of you would rather wait 20 years for the Taylor Swift Anthology on Disney+++.

Luckily, I will be dead by then.


Vaults and vaults of unreleased Beatles material awaits… yet there are very few quality Pink Floyd tour recordings. Cruel but (not) fair.

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Looking forward to the unnecessary two hours of action shots just to make the 3D version pop off the screen.

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Amazing how often that happened.

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Except not at all.

This is a re-telling of the events of the Get Back sessions which would become Let it Be.

Supposedly the story of the fractious and strained relationship depicted in the original Let it Be film was cherry-picked to create drama. Jackson’s upcoming film purports to tell the “true story” and features a ton of never before seen footage.

I for one am excited to see this. I love seeing and hearing “how the sausage is made” when it comes to music production.

More on this project:


exactly. as a Gen-Xer, i’ve been saturated in the beatles from birth, and of course i went through a beatles period in my younger days. i still admire them collectively and individually for their greatnesses, but i really don’t need to listen to them ever again. that being said, THIS project excites me, and i can’t wait to see it. it’s from their most creative period, it’s never been seen before, and thanks to tech that Jackson has been a part of developing, it’s in a very high def. Also, i’m excited that it’s finally (hopefully) going to put to rest the racist and misogynistic anti-Yoko story that people have been feeding and clinging to for decades, despite everyone involved insisting it was never true.


Can’t be beat the original