It's probably a good thing Damon Lindelof left Twitter because Tomorrowland is a dud

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I pondered once what sort of films Objectivist parents might try to use to indoctrinate their children, since so much kiddy fare seems directly opposed to Ayn Rand’s ideals. I guess I know now.


Kraftmann’s ‘Lindelof Script’ recipe:

  • 4 quarts fascinating questions that look great in ads
  • 2 cups tension
  • 2-4 completely erratic and nonsensical characters
  • 0 teaspoons explanation
  • 0 teaspoons resolution
  • 1 dash of editing out key scenes

Blend until all components are fully pulverized into an unrecognizable hash. Bake at ‘lukewarm at best’ for 24-120 minutes. Serves millions but seems to leave everyone hungry.


Seeing the name “Damon Lindelof” anywhere near a script is a massive - marching band blasting - red flag.


Bioshock, the Musical.


I love Brad Bird.

But not this much.


Can Hollywood please stop giving Damon Lindelof scripts to write? Please?


Some people fail upward. Sigh.


Interestingly, people are still saying crappy things about him, he can just avert his eyes with his viewscreen made from hundred dollar bills.

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I don’t know anything about Damon Lindelof, and I haven’t seen Tomorrowland, but to put this in perspective, you know what else has a 61% on metacritic? The Shining.

Metacritic reviews are averages. Averages of a bunch of different critics, some of whom don’t have a clue and others who are very knowledgeable. Some of them may share your tastes and others may not. A 61 doesn’t mean a movie is a stinker, or at least not for everyone.


i’ve actually like all i’ve seen of this movie so far. it looks like a fun, popcorn-fueled summer romp. i can’t believe it’s as bad as all that… i still plan on seeing it before judging it.

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Wait… how the hell did an overrated mess like “The Shining” get that high a score?


Well, for one thing it’s overrated…


Curse you and your logic!


Funny, I’m seeing all sorts of reviews saying how fun, entertaining, visually stunning, and enjoyable it is.

But I guess it’s fun to choose the minority of bad reviews and decide it’s a “dud”, eh?

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A movie where the protest to the inevitable shitty reviews is built into the story.

I have to say, the trailers have pushed all my “cool popcorn movie” buttons. And there ARE some reviews out there that make it sound great. I hope the hate, and the rush to declare it a dud, is just confirmation bias from people who are still pissed about “World War Z” and “Promethius”. I loved “ST: Into Darkness”, and “Lost”, so I’m trying to keep an open mind.

I just got back from the theater, I loved this movie.

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  • Jeffrey Lieber
  • J. J. Abrams
  • Damon Lindelof
  • Carlton Cuse

And ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?


I loved Lost soooo much; I’m in Damon’s debt, and I wish people would be kinder to him.

Anyone can criticize; pick up a pencil and show us what you can create.