J.K. Rowling reveals nasty headmistress' past in halloween Potter story


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This was perhaps the most under-explained major character in the HP universe.
I don’t remember Deathly Hallows giving a satisfactory resolution of her status in the post Voldemort world.
Is this the first canon leak from the Potterverse since that story about James Potter and his motorcycle?
(edit)Satisfactory answer to my above, thanks JKR.

Dolores was judgemental, prejudiced and sadistic, although her conscientious attitude, her saccharine manner towards her superiors, and the ruthlessness and stealth with which she took credit for other people's work soon gained her advancement.
In spite of her best efforts to secure the affections of one of her superiors (she never cared particularly which of them it was, but knew that her own status and security would be advanced with a powerful husband), Dolores never succeeded in marrying.

I didn’t know JKR had ever met my mother.


As for JKR’s explanation of this biography…

I have noticed more than once in life that a taste for the ineffably twee can go hand-in-hand with a distinctly uncharitable outlook on the world. I once shared an office with a woman who had covered the wall space behind her desk with pictures of fluffy kitties; she was the most bigoted, spiteful champion of the death penalty with whom it has ever been my misfortune to share a kettle. A love of all things saccharine often seems present where there is a lack of real warmth or charity.

That’s a really useful insight I hope I never forget.


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