Jailed driver used frying pan as replacement steering wheel


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/06/jailed-driver-used-frying-pan.html


That’s an insane and stupid car mod.

Why would you mount it with the rim FACING the driver?

If you’re going to jury rig a frying pan as a steering wheel, everyone knows you do with the BOTTOM facing the driver. Not only is it more ergonomic, but in the event of a crash, it’s blunt force trauma instead of a metal guillotine in front of your face.

What an amateur!


So it was less about the steering wheel, and more about all the other issues with the car that lead to an arrest.

“Click bait? On MY blog? It’s more likely than you think.”


Insobriety is the Mother of Invention.


They should have headlined and photo’d the removed defect sticker.



If you mount it the other way, you don’t get the benefit of the teflon coating. Cleans up easy after an accident.


M. Max must have driven through a wormhole.


Well, in that event, it’s unlikely you’d be the one doing the cleanup…


Eh, given that bolt sitting proud of the surface I’m not sure it matters…


Lucky thing Adelaide doesn’t get as hot as most of the country. If you tried that mod on a summer day a little farther inland you’d fry those fingers off before you had time to say “you’ll never get me, copper!”


Isn’t it more work to get a frying pan to attach like that then it would be to … get a used steering wheel at a junk yard?


Australians don’t dole out steering wheels to just anyone.




I remember in the snuff film they showed us in drivers ed, a photo of a crashed truck where a guy had been driving with an adjustable wrench attached to the center bolt being used as a steering wheel.



Worse yet, it’s a non-stick pan.


#This is your brain. This is your brain on your steering wheel. Any questions?

Now if he’d have used that breakfast pan from the BB store with all the compartments he never would have been caught!


By the time they leave for work, the car will be hot enough to cook some eggs and bacon. :egg:
Coming home, just slap a few snags in there to snack on while you’re sat in traffic.


I can’t believe no one noticed the steering wheel was installed on the wrong side of the damn car!!!


This is doing nothing for the reputation of Australians.

On the other hand, Ozzies sort of enjoy that reputation in a weird way. So bully for them!