James Bond Gunbarrel Sequences 1962-2012


I’ve always felt that they should do a “Dr. Who” opening sequence like that only it’s a view down the eye-stalk of a Dalek and a Sonic Screwdriver instead of a pistol.


My own additions to the in depth evaluation of James Bond.

  1. Every instance of the words ‘double oh’ through every James Bond film (minus the spoof casino royale but including never say never again)
  2. The opening sequence to the first 16 Bond films queued to the gun shot:
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007 made bell-bottoms look cool. Sadly for the rest of us, not so much.

I made something similar a few years ago, focusing on the evolution of high-graphicated title design in the Toho Godzilla series.


It was a way for me to get familiarized with some hypervideo stuff using popcorn.js courtesy of Johnathan McIntosh’s infamous (and excellent) Donald Duck remix, sourced in the footer.

Everybody treats the 1954 Climax tv version of Casino Royale as the red-headed stepchild of Bond films, but I noticed they do this slow zoom into a series of circles. Supposed to represent a view inside the lens of a tv camera. I realize it was just the opening visual for Climax, and I doubt the later filmmakers grabbed that motif and turned it into the gun barrel perspective, but it sure looks similar.

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Young Connery sure had some lousy aim. Who’s he trying to shoot, my next-door neighbor?


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