Japanese food pun stickers are adorable




One of these things is not like the others, Willis.


I dunno about that Gary Coleman one…


It isn’t from Etsy. It’s from storenvy.com


I don’t get it, but there’s a few I don’t know what they are. What are they?


Anko bean paste is a popular filling for Japanese sweets.
Tempura is battered fried veggies, fish and meat.
Udon noodles are a very popular snack food.
Takoyaki are fried octopus balls, which are a common and very yummy snack food.
Mochi is a chewy rice ball, extremely common and delicious.
Dango is a Japanese dumpling related to mochi, but doesn’t taste as good (personal opinion)
Matcha is a fine and expensive type of Japanese green tea.

I’m missing Japan now :frowning:


Tako means takoyaki? I guess it kind of looks like a takoyaki. I thought it was some kind of perverse Asian taco.


Tako means octopus, but I’m guessing from the illustration that it’s a takoyaki ball!


Udon know me, but I’m your brother!


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