Jazz pianist and composer Horace Silver, 1928-2014



I don’t have any of his other records, but he was a sideman to Miles Davis on Bag’s Groove, which I love dearly. I’ll have to give it a spin in his honor this evening.

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Song For My Father was my intro to the wonderful world of jazz. A sad day.

  1. Amazing musician.

  2. The suits look classy as hell, but miserable to play in.

There’s p’bly some Silver lurking elsewhere in your collection…he’s been covered by all sorts, from Eddie Palmieri (Nica’s Dream) to Pat Metheny (Lonely Woman).

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That leaves two persons from this photo still living.

Sonny’s still hanging on. Got a chance to see him back around '95, thankfully. Who’s the other?

Didn’t hear about Marian McPartland, somehow. I guess I haven’t been catching Piano Jazz for a while, I remember the Bill Frisell show was the last one I heard, must’ve been near the end. It was great.

I just enlarged your new avatar–is Duke really on the DC quarter!?

Benny Golson


Speaking of elders: I got to see Sonny at the Kennedy Center back in 2011, and the Heath Bros. about a year before that. Jimmy Heath laid out for a substantial portion of the show, but afterward I got him to sign a poster for the kids (who, one day, will hopefully take an interest). I was supposed to see Roy Haynes at KC in 2011, but as soon as I got there I locked my keys in the car (something I hadn’t done in about 25 years) and spent the rest of the evening going back to fetch the spare set.

Lou Donaldson is playing at KC in November. He’s 87, I’m sure his current show is nothing like his former glory but how many more chances to see him at all? Not as old as these other guys, but Houston Person is in town this weekend…

And you are correct, Duke is on the quarter!

man, far out! every once in a while, the powers that be actually get it right. A great new avatar for you, too.

Hey, may as well give Mr. Donaldson a look-see. Beats a sharp stick in the eye, I always say. You never know. I saw James Brown in the twilight of his life just out of respect. I had no expectations other than seeing a nostalgia show, but I was taken aback by how powerfully he attacked his performance–and in a smaller market, too (Knoxville.) He was still worthy of his mantle “Mr. Dynamite.”

Then again, I paid a bunch to see Link Wray in 02 and he was a buffoon who told rambling stories and played parts of a few songs. It was sad about the alzheimers or whatever, but that show sucked. So, you never know what you’re gonna get. But I suppose it beat a sharp stick in the eye. My money is on a good show from Mr. Donaldson. I’m afraid I don’t know Houston Person.

I was born too late to see most of the jazzers that I listen too, but Sonny, Jimmy Smith, and the MJQ were all fantastic shows. Of those within my generation, I’ve seen Medeski, Martin, and Wood a couple times (me and a roomful of Phish-tour types–oh well,) Squirrel Nut Zippers, and even though I don’t generally cotton to free jazz, I went to see Ken Vandermark and his Five just on the strength that he’d won the MacArthur grant and was pretty blown away. Had to catch them again next tour.

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Sounds like you saw the same couple of MM&W shows that I saw… :wink:

I hadn’t heard of Houston Person before this CD came out. I ended up missing the show tonight, had to do errands, housework etc. To make up for it I’m hoping to see Gary Bartz next week.

I’m glad I went to some shows when I did, so I was able to see Jimmy McGriff and David Fathead Newman while they were around. Too many times I’ve skipped a show (like Elvin Jones during a trip I made to Seattle), figuring I’d catch 'em next time, but there wasn’t a next time…

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