Jean-Jacques Perrey, 1929–2016

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As a past performer in the Main Street Electric Parade (when it returned to Disney World a few years ago), the strains of Baroque Hoedown are burned indelibly into my brain (along with so many other parade tracks). Coincidentally, that parade just closed a few weeks ago at WDW. News of Perrey’s passing already hit my Facebook feed via former coworkers. Kinda wish I could pull that train whistle again for old times’ sake…


I drove floats in the Electrical Parade during its DIsneyland run - Baroque Hoedown and its different unit themes will always have a place in my memories.


Safe to say we’ve been behind the same wheels/levers/joysticks.


I’m sure I’ve heard his music before, but after watching this:

I finally had a name for the style and music :slight_smile: (And, a pretty vivid image to go with it)


EVA is so cool.

I have a warm place in my heart for this:

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Fuck this year. Seriously, there’s only one way this year gets any worse…


from his great collaboration album with Luke Vibert. was great to see him still making music so late into his life.

love this tune too:

and this…


I was slack-jawed (literally literally) for the whole thing! Thank you.

Here’s another, with Perrey’s song "Four Three Two One."

I once played with the idea of Gossipo Perpetuo as a ring-tone. But then, I never get any calls, so why bother?

Perrey’s album “The In Sound From Way Out” was one of my first electronic albums, back in the late '60’s. It was mostly taped loops, but he later moved into using Moogs. I can never thank Jean-Jacques enough for introducing me to the fun side of EM.


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