Jeb Bush quotes turned into motivational posters


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This new GOP focus on drug use by folks taking welfare is utter and complete bullshit. I’m curious–what’s the rate of arrest in Congress for drugs as compared to the low-income population?

As for Jeb, ugh. Let’s see, Bush I rode in on the Iran-Contra scandal, Bush II gave us capital “W” War…I think Bush III is the last thing this country needs.


For crying out loud, even his MOM said it was time to let some other family run the country.

Is there a “third time’s the charm” theory out there as far as Presidents Bush go?


These really work!!! Reading them, I’m even more motivated to do whatever it takes to make sure this whack job doesn’t get elected!


No it isn’t. New, I mean.


The other seven are just a little too talky to really work as “motivational posters”, alas.

On that note, I’m so sad we’ll only have John Stewart around for another couple of months. So much comedic potential shall go untapped.




Nor is he a typographer.

I believe if someone made similar posters using Obama quotes they would be labeled as racist.


And… by who?

I’m not sure there are near as many racist quotes by Obama, available.

My dad is the greatest man alive. If anyone disagrees, we’ll go outside.

Is that a promise? If his dad isn’t in the room, will Jeb go outside by himself? What if he’s already outdoors, does he have to stay out there while everyone else goes inside?

This should make campaign appearances and debates more entertaining.

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