Jeb Bush's business experience: "My daddy is the president of the United States"

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Jeb Bush Co. #3: the big new idea is to raise the retirement age to 68 or 70.

Reading over the article, I get the impression that he, like his brother, is more or less a walking lesson in why nepotism is wasteful and a heritable aristocracy is a bad idea for leadership.


Don’t forget the buffoonish Neil Bush, who would probably be in prison if he wasn’t royalty.


Why is it that the people most likely to use the ‘run this country like a business’/'this would never stand in the private sector lines are the ones so incompetent that the idea sounds more like a threat than a promise?


I remember that crap! The Ignite!-brand “educational” software was not only terrible examples of nepotism, they were of such poor quality as educational software that the school districts that used them, IIRC, had statistically significant increases in ADHD and other attention disorders, and equally significant decreases in student scoring.

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Silerado Savings & Loan!
"According to a piece in Salon, Silverado’s collapse cost taxpayers $1.3 billion.[4]

The US Office of Thrift Supervision investigated Silverado’s failure and determined that Bush had engaged in numerous “breaches of his fiduciary duties involving multiple conflicts of interest.”"

Wikipedia article on Neil.


Funny, I remember the very same narrative with his brother George. “What America needs is a President with business savvy,” so they give us a candidate who had run several businesses into the ground, and never really turned a profit at anything. Come to think of it, Romney wasn’t a much better example, but at least he personally made more money than he lost.

Here’s a radical idea: a nation is not like a business. Not even a little bit. Nations can’t fire their least productive members (though not for want of trying.) Corporations can’t invade their rivals, nor can they print their own money. Etc, etc, etc.


I feel kind of bad for Marvin Bush just because everyone forgets he even exists. He’s basically Zeppo from the Marx Brothers.


I remember working on his Wikipedia page back in the day and trying to keep all his corrupt lackeys from whitewashing it. What a scumbag surrounded by scumbags. Then again, scumbaggery runs in that family.

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Do you mean to say Jeb Bush started the 419 war?

Christ, what an asshole.


To be fair, wasn’t the Raj worse than the East India Company?

didn’t the Raj hand communal lands over to local aristocrats, in order to create a proper private-property system/oligarchy?

didn’t the Raj criminalize the Hijras and confiscate the temples?

Jeebus criminy crickets, this guy’s campaign is gonna be over before it started.

Our nation’s politics disgust me. Hillary is a fucking awful power hungry with corporate hands shoved so far up her ass they can make her mouth move. I think she might actually manage to be worse Obama, which when talking about a guy who helped finish kicking over the Middle East and armed ISIS, is about to force through two incredibly awful trade deals literally written by corporation, and expanded Bush’s illegal warrantless spying, among many other things. The only thing worse than Hillary is Jeb, who I am confident will be able to do just as awful and sound dramatically stupider while doing it. The thought of another Bush Vs Clinton election makes me ill.

All of that said, there is one silver lining. The Republican primary debates are going to be fucking awesome. Watching the shit show is the only silver lining to our awful excuse for a political system. Bonus points if Rand Paul can go a few debates pretending to be vaguely libertarian before he panics dives right on foreign policy and security. In fact, the Democratic debates might be fun to watch too. If Bernie can stay in and actually be allowed to speak, he won’t win, but maybe he can make everyone feel really bad about picking the corporate shill who will faithfully execute Dubya Bush’s fifth term in office.

The reality TV game of watching a bunch of power mad sock puppets fight is pretty much the only good thing to come out of our “election” process.

I dunno. It happened to The Very Big Corporation of America.



In a better world, yes

Just as well, they were really struggling for an appropriate campaign slogan anyway.

[quote=“Rindan, post:15, topic:60693”]
If Bernie can stay in and actually be allowed to speak, he won’t win
[/quote]You haven’t been keeping up, it appears. Bernie most certainly can win. Check out this “outsider” crowd below from last night:



He was, er… uh, allowed to speak to about 10,000 people very directly just in this one event alone last night. Remarkable for a presidential campaign this early in the race without Super PACs, Wall Street bribes and/or billionaire bribes. Here’s looking at you, Hillary and other Republicans who are a national disgrace.

We would have had that many or more here in Colorado, but there was a local TV blackout of his arrival and we didn’t mitigate for that corporatist tactic properly. Even so, we got around 5,000 or so jammed packed here with huge overflow into an outdoor stadium.

I documented it here with photos I took, etc.

But, you see… the huge problem for the corporatists who pulled that TV blackout bullshit is we carefully watched and learned from their tactics and adjusted our own.

We’re watching the corporatists very carefully and strategizing accordingly:

We’ve also developed a few strategies that will catch them off-guard in the future in a historic fashion, but I won’t be mentioning that here, for now.

We strategized and outsmarted these people (to their horror) and we’re going to keep on doing that because we’ve got more heart, fortitude and strategic acumen than they can ever even fucking fathom.

So, yeah…

Bernie’s going to need a bigger boat.


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