Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell, 40+ others in GOP Congress think obstruction of justice should get a President removed


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Well yeah that was guy on the other team… they have changed their minds now it is their guy.


Aww, but that was in the last millennium - you can’t blame them for having gotten so much smarter since then, now can you?


I seriously have less than shit to give about what Sessions, McConnell and 40 other asshole republicans think. They are raping the country for all it’s worth so they die rich and white while the rest of us get screwed. Law of the land? They don’t give a shit about the law of the land. The only obstruction they care about is the caviar and grass fed beef that gets lodged in their colon.


Yeah, but sadly all those years ago they also thought that controlling the deficit was of utterly critical importance too, so it mustn’t be allowed to balloon out of control. Which, given the success of the Clinton administration in reducing it, was relevant.
Then, of course, the US decided to go on a permanent war footing and to bail out a bunch of incompetent/criminal bankers.
So the deficit is no longer a thing. By extension, Presidential obstruction of justice must no longer be a thing either.


Usually, they say the ability to change your opinion when the facts change is a good thing …

… but in this case I think it’s yet another example of the moral depravity at the heart of the GOP.

The Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, who has said he believes Moore’s accusers, has now taken a slightly different position.


It doesn’t matter what they say, only what they do.



Surely no-one is expecting consistency from that collection of ethical black holes. The idea that they’d put country above party or party above their wealthy patrons is absurd.


Um. This seems like a rather problematic defense.


What about obstruction of presidential duties? Do they think that could get congressmen fired, for, just spitballing here: stealing a president’s rightful nomination of Supreme Court Justice and handing it to the next guy? Since they hate that black president so much?



It’s OK if you’re a Republican.


“if the president does it, it’s not illegal”

Remember how well that worked for Nixon?


Nixon trotted that out after he resigned in his Frost interview. It’s still BS, of course. @LDoBe beat me to it…



dozens of other GOP members of Congress disagree.
At least they strongly disagreed back in 1999

Yeah, this rather assumes the Republicans have principles. Which we know for a fact, thanks to their actions, that they don’t. At all. Pointing out what they previously stated they believed in is saying that the chicken left out on the counter was perfectly edible a week ago. Now, rather like the Republican party, it’s a rotten mass of corruption filled with maggots.

“Pretend Nixon never existed. Er, I mean, ‘Nixon, who?’”


That was back in a time when Republicans had morals, when they would oust one of their own for high crimes, even the President himself.

Now it’s all fine, as long as the paymasters are happy. We need a child molester to make 51 so they can slash our taxes to the bone? Make it so.


At the time the Republicans backed and stone walled on Nixon. Right up until it became clear that doing so would put their position at risk. Remember Nixon was never actually impeached or charged, he resigned and got himself a pre-emptive pardon first. And the Democrats held majorities in Congress for Nixon’s entire term and a half.

Point being that during Watergate the Republicans weren’t interested in doing anything about it until Nixon’s involvement became undeniable and public opinion had swung heavily against them.


That’s right, context is everything.


It’s important to remember that these are evolving standards. They’re inching towards the position that the President is required to obstruct justice.