Jeff Sessions rolling papers


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Curious. He’s a public figure, so this doesn’t fall under copyright (right?). Or could there be other implications here?


It would be covered by right of publicity, which is largely dependent on state rather than federal law. I suppose Sessions could try to sue on some sort of defamation theory, but it probably wouldn’t get very far.


You’d want to use the good stuff with that, not any old santorum.


he strikesme as more of a roll tide than a roll paper


One of the Washington Swamp Roaches.


Ehr Mah Gerd! Could you imagine! He would get so much less uptight! Possibly that’s just wishful thinking… he might go all paranoid. I sure wish there was some way to switch the compassion on strong in that man. Ok, now I am rambling.


Well, I was thinking that since it isn’t “Jeff Sessions’ Rolling Papers,” it’s “Jeff’s Session Papers,” so the “session” is a smoke session and not officially a proper noun. And the caricature could be argued to be some generic dude named Jeff since it isn’t a real photo? Plus, yes, the precedents involving public figures being satirized by e.g. Mad magazine or SNL seem pretty solid?
Watching the Streisand Effect play out would be funny, though.


clearly that isn’t jeff sessions, It’s an elf named jeff.


Or a talking mongoose.


Awww heck, seems you can be one of the Alabama good ol’ boys, and you still get a rolling paper named after yew. Ain’t no justice here no mo’. (spits)


“Don’t Beauregard That Joint, My Friend.”

I lol’d. This should permanently replace “bogart”.


Blech- that’s not going near my mouth.


If the people who make these aren’t including coupons for Keebler cookies they’re totally missing out on a great co-marketing opportunity.


I recall someone from Australia mentioning that toking there was referred to as ‘having a session’, so g’day and good on ya!


Is Sessions even aware that people have been naming low-alcohol IPAs after him for several years now?


No chance of them getting audited by the IRS.


Think i’d rather have Jeff Sessions toilet paper or urinal cakes


Jeff Sessions toilet target practice. :eggplant::toilet:


If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard…uh…ahem…never mind.