Jello Submarine: The Beatles in gelatin


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is he…Mormon?


I don’t see any shredded carrots, so probably not.


Being a vegetarian, I am not sure Sir Paul would approve…


This art is not for eating, right? So what would the middle-of-the-road vegetarian have to say about using animal bits (in this case, the collagen presumably used in the gelatin) for non-consumption? (Genuinely curious, not trying to be funny or troll.)


I suppose a lot of it depends on the reason for being a vegetarian. If you are against the conditions animals are raised for consumption or against animals being killed at all, I imagine you would be against gelatin manufacturing, not just consumption.

There are some vegetarians who don’t eat meat, but wear leather shoes; I imagine this would be a similar situation…

From what I know, I believe Sir Paul is against the killing of animals for … I am not sure of the correct term … certainly not for any reason (if a tiger were attacking a class of school children, I imagine he may not be against the killing of said tiger), but for non-vital purposes (animal products in the case of food, clothing, etc. can be replaced with non-animal sources).


Whew! Art is vital, so we’re surely in the clear here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You say goodbye and I say jello.


When you’ve got a job to do, you gotta do it well.
You gotta give the other Jello Hell!


Just saw him perform that the other day.


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