Jem, the outrageous, triple-platinum '80s rocker who nearly took down Barbie




That's truly outrageous!


I love the part where The Misfits break into her song!


Dazzler meets Josie & The Pussycats?


Patrick Nagel meets Josie & The Pussycats


When attempting to convey the glory of this series, I stumbled upon this Comics Alliance article that sums it up nicely:


Here's every Jem episode layered together. Or at least here's a snippet of what it looks like when every Jem episode is layered together.


I forgot what a madhouse that show was. It was always my friends sister who watched it, yeah, her... yeah.


Thanks Mark! It's taken me years to get that theme song out of my head and now it's right back in there!!


Jem is how I gauge if a person was from the 80's (I'm 35, so at least a child of the 80's then). Everyone know's G.I. Joe, but a lot of people give you that confused look when you mention Jem.


The AVClub did a rather nice retrospective on Jem a few days ago:


I was really hoping that the movie would be a bit campy, along the lines of the Josie and the Pussycats movie from the early 00's... But it looks like they're taking it fairly seriously.


After the credits, that weird color that comes from digitally stacking photos shows up.....


So a color that's close to skintone is considered weird when normalizing way too many photos together? Is it so crazy to think that a substantial fraction of the photos include people?


It may have first been noticed with people-photos, but the example images are not of people -- they are of "squared circles":


Gee, someone needs to correct the shocking omission on Barry Harman's Wikipedia page.




I was wondering if I was the only one who thought the Quicktime was odd; it's been years since I've seen the likes of that. So appropriately retro!

The link (which you can obtain in Firefox by right-clicking and selecting Inspect Element) is .


Hannibal Lecter reconsiders pie.


Quicktime is still very much used in the Apple world (for obvious reasons, I suppose).