Jen Psaki dealt with a more argumentative Peter Doocy as he tried a new tactic

Government spying? Obviously, he is too lazy to even look at the Terms Of Agreement for any social media platform.


I kind of wanted it to be this scene with Missi Pyle from Jumanji, but in a gif:

The spinable moment is him asking the question. Regardless of how nuts, or how quickly Psaki shuts him down.

It’s similar to a Gish Gallop. Which is why Psaki typically doesn’t engage, but dismisses him. Either moving on or restating true facts.

The goal here is to get the bonkers claim out in public. It will be reported and discussed as the administration refusing to answer. Psaki’s response will never be shown or acknowledged. The repeated airing of “the Biden Administration has lists” and “the Biden Administration is spying on social media”, effectively unchallenged and bolstered by the claim that they won’t even answer. Will lend it an air of credibility. As will the time wasted dealing with him, since it means less time for actual information that might undermine his claims.

Psaki is in a bit of a catch 22. Ideally she’d just stop taking his questions. Since his goal is to boot strap crazy in by asking questions. But then the story is Fox/Doocy are being censored by the administration. It’s also why he’s getting more aggressive here. If Psaki just cuts him off, says no and moves onto some one with actual questions. He can’t kill much time or properly underline whatever conspiracy he’s pushing. So he’ll interrupt and restate it over and over.

It’s kinda why I find this whole “Psaki Bomb”, dunk on Doocy thing problematic. It does spread the response out there more. But in practice throwing the question/initial statement portion of this sort of thing around tends to actually bolster it’s credibility, even with the refutation there.


Loses, dude should cut them.

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I will miss Psaki when She steps down next year.
She is my favorite Press Secretary of all time.
I can only hope the person that replaces her is taking notes.


I agree wholeheartedly! Those will be some tough shoes to fill. And I know, I know, there are often people who like to point out that this is what we should expect from a press secretary and so on, but Psaki brings such a welcome breath of fresh air to the role. Insouciance plus adherence to basic facts with a dash of charm. I love it.


Not to mention keeping it inside the court…

beats nadal GIF


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