Jen Psaki slams former President Trump's focus on bleach injections as a COVID-19 treatment


If the Democrats actually want to bring pressure to bear on Sinema and Manchin, (like they did when they got everyone to drop out of the 2020 primary to make way for Biden) maybe they can get the infrastructure bill passed with those numbers.

Or maybe they like having those two around to stop them from doing anything they don’t really want to do. They get to look progressive to their voters, and also get to show their donors that as Biden spectacularly put it when he addressed the crowd at a fundraiser, “Nothing will fundamentally change.”

Remember the Parliamentarian, and what a scam everyone thought that was? Now they’ve found two conservative democrats to play Parliamentarian for them, so when nothing happens it’s not his fault.

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I smell your “both parties are the same”, ain’t buying it, and I’m not going down your "“Nothing will fundamentally change.” rabbit hole with you either. Nobody here is going to hold your hand so you find the differences between GQP/Nazis and the Democrats. Have a nicer day.


Both parties are obviously not the same. One of them says that they won’t help their voters apart from punishing their cultural enemies, and the other says that they will help their voters, but ah geez, can’t because of these two senators and/or the parliamentarian.

Maybe because both parties are mostly beholden to their donors, who dislike things like higher corporate taxes.

This American Life did a pretty good episode on how much time both parties spend fundraising. It’s literally most of their day. Have a look at the “take the money and run for office” episode.

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One of them says that they will help everyone but can’t because of these two senators and/or the parliamentarian, which is right-wing nonsense, and the other says they will hurt people their voters hate and then actually does its best to do so, which is fascism.

You don’t have to like the first to know the second is not functionally the same at all.



Right wingers unanimously don’t want the current infrastructure bill to pass, nor did they want the immigration reform that the parliamentarian stopped. Why would a right winger make that kind of statement?

The part about letting it be blocked by two senators is the right-wing nonsense. Beyond that, I’m not really sure what that response has to do with anything. You’re not arguing the Democrats are functionally the same as Republicans and that they’re not right-wing? Because that would be an interesting combination.


I would call them functionally similar.

And though there are plenty of fascists on the right and anti-fascists on the left (to address your dime store Tom the Dancing Bug from earlier), what we have in practice is an oligarchy because of the vast political influence that the wealthy exert over average citizens. Who needs fascism when you have oligarchy? Oligarchies are more durable.

I don’t think you’ll find many people here who disagree with that. But you might notice that people who consider the difference between the parties small tend to be white, straight, usually cis men, and primarily middle class. Other groups tend to find the differences important. Maybe you want to reflect on why that is and who is more likely to be overlooking something.

Dime-store Tom the Dancing Bug is a cute description that for sure makes you sound like a comics connoisseur.


Jesus, I certainly hope hope the dems are more competent than they have been. They’ve been being dunked on for ages.

Given the two platforms and what is happening to people - loss of voting rights, trans kids being eliminated in states, abortion rights being obliterated- I hope they get much better than their opponents.


What do you suggest? That the Democrats employ the same tactics that the GOP have been, including attempts to overthrow the government?

If you want to argue that the Democrats are NOT taking the treat posed by Trumpism seriously and shoring up democratic processes, I’ll (and others) will agree. But the GOP has moved well past the usual duopoloy politics now and moved into full on fascism.

[ETA] Many people now voting republican are here right now…

Many are literally in favor of violently overthrowing the government to get their guy in office. The GOP is backing him, because they are afraid of being primaried. For all the Dems real and imagined failures, they are not like the current GOP. If you believe they are, then you really need to open your eyes to what is actually happening in America right now.


Yes, that’s what I’m saying. If we don’t get something done that could actually sap momentum and energy from this sort of thing by improving people’s material conditions, then we’re likely to see Trump again. People voted him into office as a massive “fuck you” to what the DNC and GOP has been giving us in recent memory, such as NAFTA and deindustrialization, mass incarceration, and our wars famous and secret. They figured why not vote for who a guy who the establishment (republican and democrat) hates? I don’t think the thought process went much further than that, except for maybe your real fascists and nazis.

That excuse may have flown in 2016, but not in 2020. And 2020 showed us that there are a lot more real fascists out there than anyone wanted to believe.


I see I’m getting flagged, I wonder by who? Proof positive that I hit a nerve, again…


Wow, out’a the penalty box…

Biden has been POTUS for 256 days, That’s 8 months and 14 days. It took that asshole tRump 4 years to f@ck this country up, and he did a wonderful job, and he is still at it, diminished for sure, but still at it. My point is this, when closet qnuts/nazis/gop’ers show up here and attempt to pass off the tropes of fox/oan/newsmax/trllfarms in the form of “both parties are the same”, I see that as a win, and here is why. These folks [closet qnuts/nazis/gop’ers] are desperate to divide the citizens of the USA, especially the voting Americans. They know they have zero, and I mean a real fat zero to offer the country going forward. This desperation is a sure sign they are on those ropes and gasping for air. No time to celebrate, not yet, but this is a win, a win for all the hard work to turn this hot mess we call the USA around and get the country moving forward. So I thank our newest BB member for uniting us in the fight, we all have separate issues that are dear to our hearts, but united we are in the fact that the GQP/KKKpublicans are on the run, lets keep them on the run.

P.S. Please register folks to vote, vote, and above all else we are not the same as them, we are changing this country, FACT!

Papasan OUT!


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Apart from everything else that has been said, is this really true? I seem to recall being excited to vote for other candidates, and being disappointed when other voters did not share my enthusiasm for them, but that seemed to be on the other voters.


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