Jennifer Aniston and Tig Notaro will play POTUS and FLOTUS, respectively, in new political comedy

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the first same-sex couple in the White House…

And what’s the Stardate? Has the #metoo movement finally caught up with Captain Kirk?


I hope they can get some’n classy like this into the show.


Oh, that I should live long enough to see such a thing for real.

You know that sign’s not real because the font for “Donald J Trump” isn’t nearly big enough.

Well, Star Trek takes place in the 23rd century, so… maybe?


I hope it flies. Personally, I can’t see the match in their comedy styles. Notaro is so low key and analytical compared to Aniston’s situational comedy style. Maybe that’s how it will work, though. Notaro plays the straight man un-straight woman.


There were those creepy, racist fuckers who claimed that the Obamas were a same sex couple.


I always liked these theory for the sheer lead time it would have required combined with the implausibility of Barack Obama c. 1995 as becoming President. A moon hoax might only required three or four years once they decided getting to the Moon was impossible – and there you know it’s going to pay off, but this?


Probably not.


Yeah, this is why I won’t be watching. Over the years, my reaction to her material went from mildly amused to something I cannot enjoy and tend to avoid. It’s too bad, because the premise sounds interesting.

Some day, you will discover pie-in-the-face comedy gets old. Then you should try Ms. Notaro again. In the Sixties, the Three Stooges were re-discovered, and they were a hoot, until they weren’t.

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I like her work, but yes, she’s not the first to spring to mind when I want to enjoy some comedy.

That said, I like Sarah Silverman but sometimes she’s too hot for the climate of the room. Michelle Wolf, Kathleen Madigan, or Sasheer Zamata are more my style.


I like everyone you mentioned, except Silverman. Her comedy evolved into something that seemed more disturbing, as though she heard complaints that Lisa Lampanelli was crude and said, “Hold my beer.” I also liked Amy Schumer, but understand that her TV work and stand-up are very different. I haven’t seen her stand-up work in a long time. Same for Wanda Sykes.

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The problem is: you run out of walls when trying to fill them with these shithole-level Presidential emissions.

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Nah, I don’t deal with pies. I prefer wit, like Jim David explains (from the 1 minute mark):

How does this guy still able to spew this shit? He said it was an act, but that was only to get out off a custody battle IIRC. Why doesn’t the host drop him?

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Why don’t they drop him?
Because he still makes them money.
Anything for a quick buck.


The safe disposal fees for Alex Jones and collateral would kill them down to the last sponsor of course.
Everyone wants a Libyan Space Corp. Lunar Apartment until the key ceremony…

Speaking of which, is the long tail of this thing that Jennifer Aniston is going to unpack it cordially over 30 years?

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Uh, we stopped having a POTUS and FLOTUS January 2017.
Now we have a POSUS and THOTUS

Probably not but perhaps James Buchanan, the worst President in the history of worst Presidents, may not be the guy to hold up. At the risk of sounding like a concern troll, I’m thinking the LBGT community might want to take a pass on claiming that guy.

I’d be inclined to rank Wilson as the worst of the worst.

Buchanan gets a bad rep for failing to avert the Civil War, but that’s only a bad thing if you think that the pre-war status quo was a thing worth preserving. I’d be more inclined to the John Brown perspective on that.

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