Jeopardy contestant's 38-game streak comes to an end

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NIce run. He seemed a bit off during the game, though, & fell behind early.
Overall, his strategy was sound [get the high scores first instead of going top-down], if not as flashy as Holzhauer.

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naturally, I didn’t watch last night. great player

Seems like he threw that last round. Congrats to the winner!


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Oh, good, I’m not the only one who instantly saw the resemblance. :laughing:

I honestly wonder if they’ll need to tweak the format a bit now that the Jennings strategy is so well known. Heck, NPR did a story about it. The probabilities in the Daily Double are pretty broken, and the bottom-up strategy kinda takes the tension-building sport out of it. Combined with the known training regimen for buzzer technique, it’s really not about the trivia anymore.

To use an appropriately nerdy analogy, this is like the Development Card hidden-point strategy in Settlers of Catan. Once you know it, it’s the only way to play and it kinda ruins the game. If everyone at the table knows it, the game devolves into crap, and anyone at the table who knows it is playing a completely different game than everyone who doesn’t. This is why I don’t play Catan any more, charming as it is.

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An easy step would be requiring the question to be appropriate to the answer (“who is” for a person, “Where is” for a place, etc). Another easy step would be requiring the full name of the person referenced in the clue (“Smith” instead of “Adam Smith”). Majority of Amodio’s questions were phrased “what’s” and very rarely did he provide a first name if the clue referenced a person.

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