Jet ski motorcycle


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He looks like somebody tricked him into riding it.


I think you may mean a scooter

BTW, is it standard for jetskis to come in the most garish color combinations? Are most jetski paint scheme designers colorblind?


Hope he doesn’t have to stop…


I’d add a small water tank inside the hull and create a skirt of spray around the bow …


It kind of reminds me of…


They’re trying to help the Coast Guard find you when their product breaks down.


Is it amphibious like these other products?


Perhaps a water jet in the back to give it a rooster tail?


That’s gloriously stupid, I must say.



That sea-doo cowling is from about 1988, so yeah. This links to a page that shows an advert for SCUBA wetsuits from about the same era:


Those early craft had a little jet of water shooting almost straight up and back from the jet drive.


Motorcycle? Snorfiets, more like.
Still pretty cool, though.


I followed the link-trail but I couldn’t find any info on the donor bike/scooter.
I’d agree that it’s probably an automatic scooter, which would make the build a little easier.

The real challenge would be making one that still works on water too!


Works the other way too, sort of…


As someone who once owned one for wakeboarding, visibility is valuable when you’re surrounded by drunk boaters. That said, some of the color schemes are more retina-searing than others.


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